The Essential Guide To Macarons

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The Essential Guide To Macarons

A fine selection of cookies are a must when lovely celebrations are in order & macarons are by far one of the most prized sweet canapés that deserve to be showcased for weddings, showers & birthdays. They are also one of the most finicky but only if you aren’t aware of precise visual cues & general baking knowledge. What you have been taught in regards to beaten egg whites & fat deflating them is exactly what aides in the desired shape, pipeability & texture of a macaron. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced baker, it’s important to have the proper ingredients, tools & equipment available well in advance to make the baking process efficient, rewarding & fun. Read through the recipes before beginning. Make a list of items that may need to be purchased online or picked up locally. Over the next few weeks, learn how to prepare bakeshop quality macarons as well as troubleshoot common errors. Drop by daily to gain valuable insight.

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How To Properly Prepare To Make Macarons

Most everything lovely that comes out of your kitchen, begins with planning & logistics. From curating the finest ingredients to making certain supplies are available to create a beautiful gift for someone dear to you, many tasks must be taken care of before baking can even begin. Create a list, place orders for items now & make a timeline. 

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Spring parties are an opportunity to celebrate family & friendships with specially prepared baked goods that may be offered to guests. Be certain you’re on task this season with these helpful pointers.

No. 1

The Ingredient Staples

The most important task before baking can begin is being certain the proper ingredients are well stocked in your pantry & refrigerator. Room temperature egg whites are one of the key necessities needed to prepare macarons. Make certain when separating the egg white from the egg yolk, there is no fat present from the bowl & utensils to the ingredients themselves. I’ll share valuable pointers on when & were this notion  should be reversed.

Most standard macaron formulas call for almond flour although many different types of nuts may be used. It is simply finely ground almonds. If you are preparing macarons for the very first time, start with this readily available & easy to use ingredient. It’s the ideal consistency right out of the packaging & will aide in helping you achieve macaron success even on your first attempt. 

Powdered sugar is one of the main sweeteners used to prepare macarons & it is generally sifted together with the almond flour while granulated sugar is added to the egg whites to create the base meringue. Essentially, these two components are folded together & result in a basic shell mixture. While items may be incorporated, I recommend keeping flavorings simple & to a minimum. Color may be added, however it is best to fold in powdered formulas & steer clear of liquid food coloring altogether as it will deflate the mixture entirely too much. 

Fillings are a wonderful way to handcraft a signature collection of irresistible macarons. Consider flavors that compliment one another such as chocolate & nuts or try a trio of fruit & citrus combinations.

The Essential Guide To Macarons By Rebecca Gordon Publisher Editor In Chief Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Magazine Southern Entertaining Spring Parties Weddings Showers Southern Socials RebeccaGordon Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality Birmingham AlabamaNo. 2

The Tools & Equipment

Invest in quality bakeshop items. Piping bags & tips are essentials that will be needed in order to make not only the shells but provide a neat appearance once it’s time to fill & sandwich them together.

The Pan Essentials

Half Sheet Pans

These multipurpose, hardworking essentials may be used to make macarons. Accompany with parchment paper & templates to ensure precise cookie sizes.

Parchment Paper

Pan liners are considered a true bakers essential. Parchment paper is used not only to line cake pans but to cover half sheet pans when dozens of cookies are in order. Be certain to pick up several rolls to have on hand at a moments notice.

Circle Templates

Macarons may be prepared in a variety of sizes, generally 1 to 2-inches in diameter. A quick internet search will yield a plethora of templates that may be downloaded & printed. Slip them between the half sheet pan & the parchment paper before piping the meringue mixture.

Silicone Baking Mat

A silicone baking mat may be used to prepare the macaron shells. Many are designed specifically for them as the circle templates may be found directly on the baking mat. Once the shells have been baked, they release easily from the surface. 

No. 3

The Logistics

Macarons are certainly delicious just after they have been filled & sandwiched however chilling them for 12 to 24 hours allows the flavors to meld. The fillings will permeate into the shells just a bit & offers wonderful complexity. Macarons are ideal to serve throughout the year particularly when lavish gatherings are in order.

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