The Essential Guide To Classic French Recipes

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The Essential Guide To Classic French Recipes

Getting family meals on the table that taste great & appeal to a wide variety of palates is no easy feat. However, with a bit of planning & forethought, you can create recipes & meals that may be prepared whether entertaining beckons or quality dinners are in order. Hand crafted specialties ranging from appetizers to satisfying soups that include garlic, potatoes & beans, traditional French dishes tend to please a wide variety of tastes. Add in a few desserts, breakfast pastries & iconic breads & you’ll be well armed for a month or two of hard working recipe solutions. Stock your pantry now with the proper ingredients, tools & equipment to make dinner execution efficient, rewarding & fun. Read through the recipes before beginning. Follow my pointers & get ready to make the best meals to date that your family will rave over.

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How To Cook & Bake Classic French Recipes

A recipe collection of French favorites should include a wide variety of options that not only fall in line with tradition but highlight preparation solutions for the busy, modern cook. They should also focus on produce available now from your local market. Once you know a few key basic fundamentals, you’ll be preparing these items often. I’ll also offer ways they can be used throughout the year for entertaining & beyond the typical family meal solution.

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A new year offers a fresh start & an opportunity to make family meal time a valuable focus for what lies ahead. Be certain you’re on task with these helpful pointers.

No. 1

The Ingredient Staples

Before any cooking can begin stock your pantry & refrigerator with the proper ingredients. Purchase a variety of cheeses that can accentuate soups, sandwiches & appetizers. Homemade bread is a vital part of French cuisine, so it’s important to have a variety of flours & yeast available. Once prepared, the bread may accompany main dishes or help make lighter fare more hearty & satisfying. One baking session alone can aide in a weeks worth of recipe ideas & meal solutions. A collection of rich soup bases, canned tomato products, dried beans & fresh produce such as onions, carrots & garlic will add simple yet full flavor to meals for cost effective solutions. 

Pick up a bottle of good olive oil that may be used to sauté vegetables & always have butter on hand for pastries, cookies, cakes & desserts. A few fresh herbs will prove to be good winter market splurges to heighten flavor & I’ll show you simple ways to add them to recipes that save time in the kitchen. A bit of fresh lemon juice will also make dishes the very best they can be. Pick up a bag so you do not find yourself in a bind.

No. 2

The Tools & Equipment

Invest in a quality sauté pan, Dutch oven & large saucepan. They will make cooking main dish classics & preparing soups & sauces a breeze. Good tongs, ladles & a fine wire mesh sieve will also come in handy. 

Microplane graters are wonderful for capturing citrus zest & shredding cheeses while a sharp vegetable peeler will produce larger shards. Check local kitchen stores for these essentials & ask associates to guide you in choosing the best tool to complete the task you have in mind. 

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The Meal Preparations

Some recipes may be prepared quickly while others will need a block of time set aside in order to complete. However, many of these will yield several family meal solutions. Focus on the task at hand to complete them quickly. Have ingredients & equipment out on the counter & ready to use at a moments notice.

No. 4

The Freezing & Thawing Logistics

Several of the recipes I’ll be featuring will yield two meals. One may be consumed right away & the other may be frozen & used when your schedule is packed with commitments. Although traditional bakeware may be used to prep them in, having a variety of disposable pans can step in when necessary to free up these hard working vessels for other everyday tasks. Have them on the ready at a moments notice. Once items have been cooked, it will be important to wrap them well before freezing. Plastic, foil & containers with snug fitting lids will aide in keeping flavors fresh. When planning to serve a meal from the freezer, allow for ample cold thawing time. Place them in the refrigerator 24 hours in advance before baking.

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The Desserts

A wide variety of lovely sweets may be prepared & served after supper or used to create a beautiful collection to offer guests when entertaining. Sablés, madeleines, chocolate eclairs, macarons, tuile cookies & galettes are just some of the irresistible items that make a wonderful end to delicious French inspired meals. I’ll feature other favorites that will have friends & family raving for more.

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