The Essential Guide To Classic Breakfast Pastries & Breads

The Essential Guide To Classic Breakfast Pastry & Breads By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques Southern Entertaining. Bagels Cooking Baking Tutorials RebeccaGordon Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality Southern Entertaining Buttermilk Lipstick Southern Hostess Birmingham Alabama How To Make BagelsBaking Classics

The Technique

The Essential Guide To Classic Breakfast Pastries & Breads

A lovely selection of handcrafted pastries, flaky croissants & yeast risen bagels may be prepared in your own kitchen & the key to success will generally be found in technique. In the next few weeks, learn how to master some of the most iconic baked goods. The Essential Guide To Classic Breakfast Pastries & Breads is designed to cover many of the basic fundamentals that will aide in achieving accurate results. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced baker, it’s important to have the proper ingredients, tools, equipment & supplies available well in advance to make to process efficient, rewarding & fun. Read through the recipes before beginning. Make a list of items that may need to be purchased online or picked up locally to make the experience more enjoyable. Follow a few of my pointers & get ready to craft some of the most irresistible baked goods.

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How To Bake Morning Specialties

Most everything lovely that comes out of your kitchen begins with planning & logistics. From curating the finest ingredients to making certain supplies are available to create beautiful & delicious pastries, many tasks must be taken care of before baking can even begin. Create a list, place orders for items now & make a timeline. Once the baking has concluded, items may be enjoyed right away or stored short term & used either throughout the week for breakfast meals or served to guests when entertaining. You may even consider packaging & sharing many of these items with friends.

Southern-Baking-Rebecca-Gordon-Southern-Hostess-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Southern-Entertaining-Dough-Hook Party Menus By Rebecca Gordon. Cooking & Baking Turorials By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick. Stand Mixer Dough Hook Attachment How To Make Pizza Dough Southern Party Menus Entertaining Ideas TV Cooking Personality How To Bake Southern Pizza Rolls Bread Dough

rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickThe Essential Guide To Classic Breakfast Pastries & Breads

Specially prepared baked goods may provide families with a variety of meal solutions or they may be offered to guests when entertaining. Just a few ingredients, tools, equipment, recipes formulas & proper technique will open the door to many classic pastries. Be certain you’re on task in advance & stock up on essentials before beginning.

No. 1

The Ingredient Staples

A well stocked pantry & refrigerator is the first step to making sure baking will be effortless. Dry active yeast will provide lift for many breakfast bread formulas. Dry active yeast may be purchased in 1/4-ounce packets or in small jars. If purchasing a jar of yeast, store it in the refrigerator after opening & be mindful of the expiration date. One envelope of active dry yeast is equivalent to 2 1/4 teaspoons.

The proper protein content in flour will aide in structure & dough strength. Depending on the texture desired, recipes may call for all purpose or bread flour. A 5 pound bag of bread flour yields approximately 13 cups.

Count on cooking spray to keep doughs from sticking to bowls, particularly during the rise time & plastic wrap will not only be useful for covering doughs while they rest but it will keep items from drying out during several pivotal points during procedures. Parchment paper will be useful in lining half sheet pans so have plenty on hand. There are a variety of grades available offered at different price points from the internet to local sources so use them according to how they will be needed in recipes to maximize their value.

Some dough formulas will require a good bit of butter that not only will deliver stellar flavor but it will provide a signature flakiness to items. Do not use substitutes.

No. 2

The Tools & Equipment

Heavy duty half sheet pans are a staple to rely on time & time again for baking many pastries & breads. The thick bottoms ensure doughs brown properly & crusts crisp evenly.

While traditional rolling pins are ideal for making cookies, the recipes I will be featuring in the next few weeks require a French-style pastry pin. It truly makes rolling certain doughs more manageable & gives you the accuracy desired for quality craftsmanship for many specialties. Many of the doughs will need to remain as cold as possible during key techniques & the tapered ends will be useful in offering quick moves during tasks.

A dough hook has long been a bakers friend when yeast risen formulas are desired. The attachment is used in conjunction with stand mixers & classic work bowls. It will simplify the kneading process for many recipe formulas.

A pastry wheel & a ruler will offer a baker precise cutting for a variety of classic baked goods. Be certain to use them when recipes call for them.

The Gift Essentials

Once baking is complete, you may wish to share your pastries with others. Bakery boxes & plastic bags are just a few packaging elements you can use to really make your hand crafted items shine for recipients. Pick them up from specialty cake shops, order them online or look to super centers & craft stores to locate them. Simple ribbon, string & gift tags make your baked goods look special. It’s your opportunity to show friends & family a bit of your personal style.

The Essential Guide To Classic Breakfast Pastry & Breads By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques Southern Entertaining. Bagels Cooking Baking Tutorials RebeccaGordon Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality Southern Entertaining Buttermilk Lipstick Southern Hostess Birmingham Alabama How To Make Bagels No. 3

The Logistics

Many of the baked goods I’ll be sharing are best eaten right away, however some may hold a bit in the freezer to extend the shelf life.  Let individual recipes guide you in determining the best methods for wrapping & storing these delicacies.

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