The Basics: Yellow Tomatoes

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Yellow Tomatoes

There are many types of yellow tomatoes that are perfect to use when preparing summer salads, savory tarts & pies. They may be classified as slicing, cherry, grape or paste tomatoes for simple reference purposes making them ideal for specific recipe tasks. Yellow tomatoes have a higher sugar content & more mellow flavor compared to red varieties. Use this essential guide to make selections for a range of everyday & entertaining needs. 

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How To Store Yellow Tomatoes

Never place tomatoes in the refrigerator as the texture will deteriorate rather quickly. Store tomatoes in a bright location in your kitchen as their color & flavor will continue to develop. Rinse them under cool tap water just before using them.

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The Essential Guide To Yellow Tomatoes

Use this reference when visiting farm stands, markets or choosing seeds to grow in your own garden.

No. 1

Slicing Tomatoes

Slicing tomatoes may be used for a variety of recipe applications from tarts to making a simple sandwich. They may range from heirloom tomatoes which simply means that they are produced from old beloved seeds prized for their rich, reliable flavor, texture & appearance or other types. Lemon Boy are known for their rich, sweet taste & offer fruit that matures early with a weight of approximately 7 to 9-ounces each while Yellow Brandywine tomatoes are an heirloom variety known for fruit that ripens early in the season.

No. 2

Paste Tomatoes

Oval-shaped paste tomatoes, often referred to as plum tomatoes, are good choices for preparing sauces & canning applications which include Golden Roma for smooth, sweet flavor & Yellow Bell that may be relied on for an abundance of fruit that matures quickly. 

No. 3

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes have long been known as perfect contenders for salads. Their small size & plump round shape offer excellent texture, flavor & vibrant color to many summer classic recipes. Look for Little Blonde Girl which is an heirloom tomato with notes of citrus balanced with a bit of sweet flavor or Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry when sweet flavor is desired, an heirloom tomato known to produce an abundance of fruit.

No. 4

Grape Tomatoes 

Grape tomatoes are petite in size with an elongated shape. They tend to be a bit more firm in texture compared to cherry tomatoes. Golden Honey Bunch taste best when the clusters of fruit are abundant & display a rich, vibrant color while Yellow Riesentraube offers good sweet notes to many recipe favorites.

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