The Basics: Whole Wheat Flour

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Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour may be used in a variety of baking applications from breads & pancakes to cookies & so much more. The wheatberry is ground into a powdery substance that serves as a base for these irresistible foods. It is considered to be 100% whole grain as the entire kernel is utilized including the endosperm, the bran & the germ. Although the bran is removed & ground separately, it is added back to the endosperm. Whole wheat flour has a higher protein content making it ideal to use in bread baking recipe formulas as it is also what determines how much gluten will be present. Gluten forms the structure of baked items. When dough is kneaded, gluten becomes elastic & aides in forming that structure that is so desirable. It contributes to the overall texture of breads & baked goods. Learn about the protein content of whole wheat flour & how it affects baked goods. 

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How To Navigate Whole Wheat Flour In Recipe Applications

A large part of the quality control of baked goods such as Pain de Campagne bread loaves, directly correlates to the protein content of the flours that are used. In the case of whole wheat flour, fiber, which may be traced to the bran portion, disrupts the structure of bread. Many bakers will use a combination of flours in order to produce nutritionally & structurally sound bread loaves. 

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Most whole wheat flours are milled using hard red wheat containing a protein content of approximately 14%. By comparison, you can expect all purpose to contain anywhere from 10% to 12% & it may also contain some soft wheat flour which has a content between 8% & 10% so that it meets specifications. When creating recipe formulas that use whole wheat flours, many times a combination of flours are used in order to ensure maximum performance & the desired, pleasing expectation. Keeping protein content in mind will aide in delivering the best possible results each & every time.

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