The Essential Guide To Galettes

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The Essential Guide To Galettes 

A galette is a French rustic, flat tart made from pastry dough. They are exposed or left open in the center giving you a peek as to it’s contents. Galettes may be sweet or savory & they are some of the most effortless & forgiving pies that may be created. Fill them with fresh berries, figs, stone fruits or apples to make a dessert or top the pastry crust with tomato slices, summer vegetables & cheese for an excellent starter course. Look to the The Essential Guide To Pie & Tarts for general terminology to aide in getting you started in making these wonderful freeform tarts with the fundamentals highlighted below. 

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How To Handcraft Galettes

Most everything lovely that comes out of your kitchen begins with planning & logistics. From curating the finest ingredients to making certain supplies are available to create beautiful & delicious cakes, many tasks must be taken care of before baking can even begin. Specially prepared baked goods make lovely offerings to guests when entertaining. When it comes to handcrafting a galette for your celebration, it’s important to know about the foundation, tools, equipment, recipe formulas & a few classic basic fundamentals so that the best choice may be made in order to highlight the event.
 How To Make A Galette By Rebecca Gordons Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques. Summer Entertaining Cooking Baking Tutorials Modern Southern Socials Game Day Entertaining RebeccaGordon Pastry Chef Birmingham Alabama TV Cooking Personality Southern Hostess Summer Parties

rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickThe Essential Guide To Galettes

A galette is a freeform rustic tart whereas pastry dough is rolled, generally a Pâte Brisée or Pâte Sucrée, ingredients are added to the center & the excess crust is folded over itself to slightly enclose the filling producing a simple, flat baked good.

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The Pastry Dough

A basic pastry or pie dough prepared from flour, sugar, salt, fat & ice cold water may be used to prepare a classic galette. Buttermilk-Cornmeal Pastry Dough is prepared with a combination of butter & shortening to provide an incredibly flaky crust with a bit of interesting, gritty texture. However, they are most often prepared with an all butter formula, a Pâte Brisée which is a classic French dough or a Pâte Sucrée, a sweet dough.

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The Tools & Equipment

Bench scrapers are used to lift dough during the rolling procedure to make certain it doesn’t stick to surfaces. A rolling pin will be necessary to flatten dough discs while parchment paper-lined half sheet pans will be used to bake the galettes. Do not use a cookie sheet. The lip on the edge of the half sheet pan will contain juices that accumulate during the baking process. 

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The Ingredients

Galettes may be prepared for use as savory main dishes & appetizers or desserts. If something sweet is desired, a crumbly streusel topping may be added just before baking the freeform fruit tarts for additional flavor & complex texture. A variety of nuts & cheeses may be added to savory galettes. Sprinkle a bit of cheese on the bottom of the dough before adding toppings to keep them good & crisp. 

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The Technique

Prepare a Pâte Brisée or Pâte Sucrée dough as directed. Roll the dough on a lightly floured surface into a circle to a 1/4-inch thickness. Arrange the ingredients in the center of the prepared pastry dough leaving a 2-inch border. Sprinkle with a streusel if using. Fold the excess dough over the ingredients forming a rustic, freeform tart. Carefully, transfer to a parchment paper-lined half sheet pan. If the galette is large, the dough may be placed on the parchment paper-lined half sheet pan, then assembled. Freeze 15 minutes or chill 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Bake in the lower third portion of the oven approximately 35 to 40 minutes or until the filling is bubbly & the crust is golden. Follow specific recipe instructions as a guide. 

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