The Basics: Dill

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The Technique 


Growning dill in the garden is simple. Place seeds in a sunny location directly in the spot where you would like them to grow as they do not transplant well. One of the benefits of fresh dill is that it’s an herb that self sows which means once the plants bloom & the seeds develop & drop, you’ll have new growth all season long. It’s best to allow some to reach this stage & remove them from others as the leaves will no longer develop if they bloom. Dill will thrive in the garden growing anywhere from 2 to 4 feet tall but it’s a little finicky preferring the milder temperatures of spring & fall in the South. The fern-like leaves & seeds offer wonderful flavor to recipes in the kitchen. Learn how to harvest, wash & care for this versatile herb in your own kitchen.

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How To Use & Store Fresh Dill

Dill is a delicate herb with finely textured leaves that adds a distinctive flavor to recipes. A mere handful stirred into Tzatziki Sauce, Fresh Dill-Feta Dressing or Lemon-Dill Orzo Pasta Salad provides just the right amount of warm, pungent notes to carry bold ingredients from Greek-style yogurt to tangy cheeses & it pairs beautifully with lemon, parsley & garlic. Use the foliage to impart good taste to seafood recipes or accompany it with the seeds to handcraft your own batch of tangy pickles.

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The Technique

Although dill can be dried, it’s best to use the fresh leaves when ever possible. Snip several stems at a time directly from the plant just before preparing recipes for the brightest flavor. Rinse them under cool water, gently shaking the excess over a paper towel then pat them dry. Remove the leaves from the stem, stack them on a cutting board & finely chop with a sharpened chef’s knife. When purchasing fresh dill from the market, use within a few days as it does not have a long shelf life. Do not wash it until ready to use as excess moisture will cause it to deteriorate more rapidly. It can be stored in the original container for several days in the refrigerator.

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