The Basics: Bodega Glasses

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Bodega Glasses

Elevating casual social functions such as birthday celebrations or football parties need not be complicated. Just a few simple essentials may be integrated into tablescapes to offer easy style. Spanish Bodgea glasses offer a clean shape & should be a staple in every entertaining collection although they are good to use everyday as well. The glasses come in a variety of sizes & each is ideal for specific types of beverages, appetizers or desserts. Use the 7-ounce capacity for wine, champagne & punch or trifle desserts & sabayon, the 11-ounce for mixed drinks & the 17-ounce for water, soft drinks, lemonade or iced tea. The glasses may be stacked making them a true space saver when storing them. They provide a uniform look that creates a fresh, modern feel instantly. Pair them with simple white cocktail napkins to elevate bar necessities flawlessly. Do not overlook these valuable pieces that will aide in making your gatherings simple & lovely.

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How To Polish Glasseware

Glassesware should be spot free before filling it with beverages to offer guests when entertaining. Follow these tips to ensure it’s clear each & every time.

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 Glasses may be rinsed & run through the dishwasher after use then stacked & stored until the next time they are needed. When planning your next gathering, assess the glasses up to one week in advance. Remove them from the storage area & hold each one up to the light. If there are visible spots on the outside, rub a bit of glass cleaner over the surface with a soft cloth then rise with soapy water. Use a fresh, clean cloth to dry them. They may then be organized on trays & covered with a piece of parchment paper to keep dust from accumulating. Up to one day in advance, set the glasses in place for your social function.

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