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Easter Celebrations

Spring entertaining opens many options when planning gatherings for lovely occasions. Begin by offering seasonal produce thread throughout your menu. Carrots not only make delicious appetizers, soups, salads & side dishes but look to them for dessert, too. Mini Buttermilk Carrot Cake Loaves which also makes a good hostess gift, & Petite Buttermilk Carrot Cake allow the bright vegetable to shine flawlessly. When it comes to more elevated gatherings, homemade bread or rolls are a must. Instead of offering something a bit more complexI’ll be sharing pointers on how to make a simple focaccia from scratch. With a few cuts in the yeast risen dough, it may then be crafted into beautiful options that make a lovely centerpiece for your Easter table. Pair it with tapenade or Fresh Herb Cheese & Fougasse Leaves become an irresistible appetizer. I’ll be sharing basic homemade yeast bread techniques as well as easy ways to shape the dough this morning on WBRC Good Day Alabama. Be sure & join me for advice on how to elevate your spring social & look to The 2019 Essential Easter Entertaining Primer for additional expert advice.

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How To Make Fougasse Leaves

It’s an impressive bread style most often seen in France & some parts of Italy as the cuts made in the dough puff & bake into beautiful shapes ideal for spring entertaining & Easter in particular. Fougasse Leaves are a wonderful alternative to traditional homemade rolls that may be found in the bread basket & certainly a fresh & modern offering for celebration menus.

Fougasse-By-Rebecca-Gordon-Publisher-Instructional-Digital-Culinary-Magazine-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Southern-Baking-Rebecca-Gordon-Southern-Hostess-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Southern-Entertaining-Dough-Hook Party Menus By Rebecca Gordon. Cooking & Baking Turorials By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick. Stand Mixer Dough Hook Attachment How To Make Pizza Dough Southern Party Menus Entertaining Ideas TV Cooking Personality How To Bake Southern Pizza Rolls Bread Dough

Game-Day-Entertaining-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Tailgating-Rebecca-Gordon-ButtermilkLipstick-RebeccaGordon-Gameday-Entertaining-Tailgating-Recipes-Tailgate-Party-Football-Party-Tailgating-Dips-Tailgating-Appetizers-Tailgate-Dips-Tailgate-Appetizers-Southern-Entertaining-Southern-Hostess-Buttermilk-LipstickThe Technique

Once a recipe of focaccia has been prepared, the possibilities for curating a lovely selection of party fare is endless. Try a Walnut-Leek Easter Bread or this impressive style. Learn the technique.
 How To Make Fougasse Leaves By Rebecca Gordons Buttermilk LIpstick Culinary Instructional Digital Magazine. Spring Entertaining. The New Easter Entertaining Bread Easter Recipes

buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickFougasse Leaves
makes 4 {7 x 8-inch} flatbreads

1 cup warm water, plus a Tbsp or 2
2 3/4 tsp active dry yeast
2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup cake flour
2 tsp kosher salt
2 Tbsp olive oil
Olive oil
Kosher salt & freshly ground pepper

Combine 1 cup water & the yeast in a glass measuring cup. Set aside until foamy, about 5 minutes. Whisk together the all purpose flour, the cake flour & the salt in the bowl of an electric heavy-duty stand mixer. Pour the yeast mixture & the olive oil over the flour mixture. Blend the mixture on Low speed until it comes together in a ball around the dough hook, about 1 minute. If the mixture seems a bit dry, add enough additional water so that the dough comes together around the hook & cleans the sides & bottom of the bowl completely. Increase the mixer speed a notch or two & blend an additional 6 minutes. The dough will separate into 2 or 3 masses & come back together throughout the blending procedure. While the mixer is on, the dough will appear as if it were the propellers of a helicopter in flight. Stop the mixer. Remove the dough from the work bowl. Knead it several times on an unfloured surface. Form the dough into a disc by pressing the outer portions to the center using the palm of your hand. It should feel smooth & may squeak during shaping. Flip the dough over & spin it several times between your hands into a ball. Place the dough in an oiled bowl then oil the surface as well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap & allow to rise in a draft-free spot 1 1/2 hours or until the volume doubles.

Press the dough down all over the surface with your fingers to release the air. Cover with plastic wrap & allow to rise a second time 1 hour. Press the dough down once again to deflate it. Transfer it to a work surface. Divide the dough into 4 {6 to 7-ounce} pieces & shape them into a ball. Place each dough ball in an oiled 8-inch bowl being certain to oil the surface of the dough, too. Cover tightly with plastic wrap. Chill 24 or up to 48 hours.

Remove the dough from the refrigerator. Let stand at room temperature 1 1/2 hours. The dough will feel puffy. Working with one piece of dough at a time, gently pick it up & begin shaping it into a triangle with rounded corners that measures approximately 5 x 7-inches. Do not allow it to deflate too much. Place the dough on a lightly floured surface. Using a sharp knife, cut 2 {1 1/2-inch} slits down the center & a 1/2-inch slit at the bottom. Cut 3 {1-inch} slits at an angle on both sides of the first cuts to resemble leaf veins. Cut 3 {1/2-inch} slits on the dough edges between the angular cuts. Carefully transfer the dough to a parchment paper-lined half sheet pan. The cuts will begin to open during this time. Once on the pan, open the slits by lifting the dough & repositioning it to neaten the shapes. Cover loosely with plastic wrap. Repeat with the remaining dough. Two flatbread will fit on one half sheet pan. Let stand 20 minutes. 

Position one of the racks in the lower third portion of the oven. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Meanwhile, remove the plastic wrap & gently brush the dough surfaces with olive oil. Bake one pan at a time 15 minutes or until golden. If a more browned surface is desired, run the pan under the broiler 45 to 60 seconds. Remove the bread from the oven. Brush with additional olive oil. Sprinkle with salt & pepper. Serve with a variety of items such as Sweet Pea-Ricotta Spread or Fresh Herb Cheese.

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