Artisan Lifestyle: A Mississippi Culinary Revival

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From fresh milk that comes from lovingly cared for cows to handcrafted concoctions filled with homemade goodness, folks in this rich, fertile region are joining together for a progressive approach to the future of our food. And the best part of all… they’re just waiting to share their craft and discoveries with you.

Some of the most extraordinary hospitality you will ever experience is extended from southern born & bred individuals who are passionate about the region – in particular, an area most familiar to them. These special people have a deep appreciation for one another having cultivated and nurtured long lasting relationships over time. What made this tasty experience in central Mississippi particularly warm was sharing it with the other guests on the tour, learning their stories and how deeply connected they were to these same foods, farms and restaurants.

Gracious Hospitality
It’s a family affair in the South

Our hosts, Marianna and Andy Chapman with Eat Y’all, surprised our group at every turn. A traditional southern breakfast was waiting for us at the Mississippi Craft Center prepared by a long standing restaurant icon, Primo’s who have been whipping up regional specialties such as old-fashioned layer cakes and homemade pecan pie since the 1920’s. The meal featured coffee by Mississippi Cold Drip. Beautiful tables anchored the space featuring sentimental extras of family heirloom silver & freshly cut oak leaf hydrangea blooms shared by Marianna’s mom.

Working Dairy Farm SUDIA Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Southern HostessFarm Life
Small town living… count me in

Got Fresh Milk?

A short drive to Ard’s Dairy Farm in Ruth, Mississippi, home to over 200 Holstein cows, gave us a first hand look of where our milk comes from… beyond grocery store shelves. We explored the milking operation, learned about the organic corn-based silage the cows eat and how these sweet ladies are cared for on the farm. Just to give you an idea of where the milk from their farm ends up, Ard’s provides fresh milk twice a week to Publix labeled under their organic brand in the dairy case. After touring the milking operation, we were treated to handcrafted gourmet popsicles from Jackson based Deep South Pops. The Strawberry-Buttermilk was outstanding!

Reaping All Of The Goodness You Sow

Getting farm-fresh food from the field to the table can be much more of a challenge than you may think. That’s where Up in Farms Food Hub steps in to provide a facility for farmers to help preserve the quality of the produce they grow in Mississippi as well as insure the crops they grow will be sold to restaurants, schools & community grocery stores. Their team is working diligently to find practical solutions to the problems many local farmers face.

The Restaurants
Creative dishes served with an extra helping of heart and soul

Our first night dining together was hosted by my friends from the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association at Seafood R’evolution in Ridgeland, Mississippi. A carefully chosen charcuterie platter was presented to us showcasing a selection of artisanal cheeses including an Edam made from the fresh milk of the Mississippi State University cows. For dessert we sampled a milk stout, Dairy of A Madman, from Slowboat Brewing Company out of Laurel, Mississippi. The rich dark beer delivered notes of coffee, chocolate & vanilla capping off a perfect evening.

For another extraordinary feast, we dined at The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen in Jackson, Mississippi. Funghi, Farm Egg, Bacon Pizza and smoky duck paired with an array of artisan cocktails made with a few of the specialties sampled earlier from Cathead Distillery were perfectly counterbalanced with the family-style service of local favorites such as the platter of hot fried catfish and the ever addicting housemade pimiento cheese.

Breakfast spot musts included a stop by La Brioche Patisserie for chocolate croissants, a bakery specializing in European influenced desserts. Campbell’s Bakery, just down the way, countered with the best sausage and cheese buttermilk biscuit ever. Pastry Chef Mitchell Moore focuses on more classic southern confections such as teacakes, petit fours and traditional celebration cakes at his bake shop.

rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick southern hostess tailgating pastry chef writer recipe developmentThe Friendly Competition
The gang

US Foods hosted a lunch challenge at their new distribution center in Flowood, Mississippi. After a tour of the vast facility, we teamed up with one another to make our own lunch starring many of the state’s most widely known food finds such as Simmons Catfish, Mississippi Blue Rice & Southern Peanut Growers peanuts… many of the peanuts cultivated from the farms in Mississippi are blended just so to make that jar of peanut butter in your pantry. It was delicious, exciting and truly innovative! 

A special thank you to Andy & Marianna Chapman in conjunction with the Eat Y’all team
for hosting a fun, informative get-together!

Southern Hostess rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick writer chef food southernwho makes it possible

Eat Y’all

Food Unites Us.

Join us for a journey to unpack that famous saying we’ve all heard at one time or another – whether we grew up in the South or just bumped into Southern culture by accident or fate. Everyone is welcome on this journey. Food is our love; not our training. We’ll learn together. And grow to appreciate together. There is no status to Southern food. All are included; all are welcome.

Food is more than sustenance in the South. It fuels us.
It drives us. It improves us. It unites us.

Live from the crossroads of Southern food & culture, join us for the inside dish on the people, places & ingredients
that are redefining Southern food.

Let’s Eat, Y’all.

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