The Modern Southern Garden: Pansies

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The modern southern garden should include tried & true annuals that perform well in cool weather. Pansies are a reliable cool-weather bloom that perk up spaces just as spring begins to emerge. They come in a variety of lovely color combinations & feature petals that create a heart-shaped pattern once open. Although they are technically a biennial, pansies are treated as an annual flower. They are a member of the violaceae family & grow approximately 8-inches tall. Learn how to make these petite blooms the focal point of your entertaining spaces.

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How To Entertain With Pansies

Beautiful flower arrangements should change with the seasons so begin by choosing items currently in bloom. Creating arrangements to use for spring entertaining need not be complex & with a few pointers they may be quick to make. Pansies offer a lovely seasonal look when seasonal celebrations are in order.

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The Technique

Pansies make a lovely selection to showcase in containers to perk up front doors & garden beds. They grow well when planted in moist, rich well-drained soil so elevating them just a bit above ground in a raised bed offers the best drainage to keep them thriving during wet weather. Pansies make lovely cut flowers for small needs. Snip stems & accompany with creeping Jenny or sprigs of boxwood. Create the arrangements in clear glass jars, low containers or petite-sized bud vases. Sprinkle the blooms throughout entertaining spaces on window sills, vanities & sinks.

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“Pennies From Heaven” Billie Holiday 

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