Spring Entertaining: The New Easter Egg Hunt Party

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The New Easter Egg Hunt Party

Hosting an Easter egg hunt in your very own backyard with close family is a wonderful way to celebrate. With a little guidance & planning, it’s not only guaranteed to be a special day but one filled with loads of fun. Many of the items from The New Easter Egg Hunt Party Recipe Collection may be prepared in advance including a small batch of Easter Chicken Cookies & Bird Nest Easter Cookies. The miniature cookies make a charming treat to hide inside of the eggs for hiding. Look to The Essential Guide To Making Easter Cookies & Spring Entertaining: The Easter Basket Cookies for recipes & instructions to make the nests & package them while the chickens may be finished with a few simple elements as illustrated. If you’re having difficulty making an ingredient match with recipes, 56 Best Spring Entertaining Recipes, Party Menus & Garden Essentials offers additional ideas while The Classic Easter Recipe Collection highlights many of our favorite traditional dishes. I invite you to leave a comment on this tutorial or on my Facebook page if you’re in need of additional substitution guidance or questions & I will respond quickly. Learn how to host your very best Easter egg hunt to date & get ready to create lasting memories with your family.

Southern-Entertaining-Rebecca-Gordon-How-To-Host-An-Easter-Egg-Hunt-Party-At-Home-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Cooking-Tutorials-Baking-Tutorials-Southern-Hostess-Rebecca-Gordon-Birmingham-AlabamaThe Menu

The New Easter Egg Hunt Party Recipe Collection

Pick & choose a selection of these straightforward recipes to showcase for your lovely party. The punch may be prepared as a non-alcoholic variation by substituting the champagne with lemon-lime soda or ginger ale while the skewers are just as delicious with either pork tenderloin or beef. 

Party Pimiento Cheese
Rosemary-Pine Nut Olive Tapenade

Lemon-Garlic Lentil Dip
Crackers & Crudité   

Grilled Rosemary-Dijon Chicken Skewers
Greek Pasta Salad
Hot Sauce Deviled Eggs

Strawberry-Lemonade Champagne Punch
Easter Chicken Cookies 
Bird Nest Easter Cookies

The Recipe Box. Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Southern HostessFROM THE SOUTHERN HOSTESS OF BUTTERMILK LIPSTICK

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How To Plan An Easter Egg Hunt 

Your very own backyard makes a beautiful back drop for hosting an afternoon of family fun. From simple but delicious recipes to setting a beautiful table with items you already have in your home, it will be special & effortless with just a few pointers.


Game-Day-Entertaining-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Tailgating-Rebecca-Gordon-ButtermilkLipstick-RebeccaGordon-Gameday-Entertaining-Tailgating-Recipes-Tailgate-Party-Football-Party-Tailgating-Dips-Tailgating-Appetizers-Tailgate-Dips-Tailgate-Appetizers-Southern-Entertaining-Southern-Hostess-Buttermilk-LipstickThe New Easter Egg Hunt Party

Most everything lovely that comes out of your kitchen begins with planning & logistics. From curating the finest ingredients to making certain supplies are available to create a stunning party space, many tasks must be taken care of before the event. Look to these timelines & suggestions for guidance.

 No. 1

The Tabletop Style

Let the season lead the way when choosing a color palate. Neutrals such as twiggy browns & tans to shades sunny yellow are a wonderful starting point. Tuck in a bit of freshly cut greenery from your garden to accent these essentials beautifully. White platters, plates & napkins may be dressed up with a bit of ribbon & a few easy blooming staples.

Southern-Hostess-Rebecca-Gordon-Easter-Cookies-Southern-Entertaining-Rebecca-Gordon-Cooking-Class-Baking-Tutorial-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Spring-Sugar-Cookies-How-To-Make-Iced-Sugar-Cookies-Rebecca-Gordon-Pastry-Chef-Birmingham-AlabamaThe Easter Baskets

Easter baskets may be used all sorts of ways for glorious celebrations. Fill them with freshly baked cookies such as these Bird Nest Easter Cookies that have been packaged in cellophane or create a stunning centerpiece with flowers & greenery from the grounds. Simply tuck a shallow bowl in the bottom so a bit of water may be added to keep the selections looking their best.

The Yard Blooms

Small spring flowers such as violas & pansies may be tucked into several shot glasses & scattered about the space. Blooming dogwood branches may be snipped & serve as a simple focal point on buffet tables or look to azaleas, peonies or roses to fill glass stemware, barware or vases. 

No. 2

The Refreshments

Make dips & spreads up to a day in advance. Slice vegetables & place in zip top bags so they may be retrieved at a moments notice. Thread & marinate chicken skewers up to a day in advance & grill the morning of the hunt. They may be served warm or cold. Boil the eggs up to two days ahead, then prepare the deviled eggs the day before the party. The pasta salad may be prepared up to two days in advance.

Many baked goods can be prepared in advance. Cookies can be iced & decorated several days ahead of time by the kids. Package them, if desired, a day in advance & display them throughout the table. Conversely, the decorating can be a main focal point for festivities. Set up a table, line it with wax or parchment paper & let the kids frost & finish them with colorful sprinkles. 

Rebecca-Gordon-Cooking-Class-Easter-Cookies-Baking-Tutorial-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Spring-Sugar-Cookies-How-To-Bake-Rebecca-Gordon-Southern-Hostess-Southern-Entertaining-Birmingham-AlabamaNo. 3

The Party Logistics

Set the food table the morning of the party. A simple stack of white plates & napkins will keep the look manageable while allowing the yard blooms you have chosen to shine. Transfer the menu items to white platters for serving & offer stainless or heirloom silver utensils & serving pieces to complete the look. 

The Tune
“Buttons & Bows” Dinah Shore

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