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Sunsugar Tomatoes

Sunsugar tomatoes, more scientifically known as Solanum Lycopersicum, are a lovely cherry tomato ideal for use in salads & appetizers. These small golden yellow little gems offer a sweet & tangy flavor that pairs well with cheese, nuts & more. One of the most valuable benefits is that the fruit is resistant to cracking on the vine before harvesting so perfect little globes of sunshine always await & are yours for the picking. Sunsugar tomatoes thrive well beginning in the springtime throughout the summer & into the fall months with light needs ranging from full to partial sun. This annual specimen will not disappoint & may be planted directly in the ground or in a large container accompanied with seasonal herbs such as basil. Expect mature growth to reach 3-feet wide & high. Learn how to know when the fruit is ripe for use in all sorts of seasonal recipes.

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How To Harvest & Use Sunsugar Tomatoes

If nurtured properly, just one plant may produce hundreds of cherry tomatoes in a season. Remove ripe tomatoes from the vine & rinse well under cool water. Use directly in Tomato-Basil Bruschetta & to accompany with Fresh Herb Goat Cheese for a delicious starter course when casual gatherings with friends are planned. 


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Sunsugar tomatoes grow in clusters on the vine after blooming has occurred & in a few weeks, it will be ready for harvest. All of the Sunsugar tomatoes may not be ripe for picking at precisely the same time. The key is to choose the most golden yellow to deep orange fruit from each cluster. Some fruit that is turning from green to light yellow on one day will be fully ready the next so expect a continuous harvest of tomatoes daily for use in salads & appetizers. 

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