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Tomatillos are green or purple husk tomatoes known for their sour, acidic taste, firm texture & small size. There is a common misconception that they are hot or spicy but rather it’s the peppers used in conjunction with them which determine any heat level. Tomatillos are used in a variety of authentic Mexican recipes, most notably for the preparation of Salsa Verde that may be used to make other cuisine classics such as chicken enchiladas, gorditas & chalupas just to name a few. Tomatillos, along with other tomato varieties, are members of the nightshade family, a group of annuals, perennial herbs & vining plants which include everything ranging from flowering petunias to potatoes, peppers & eggplant. Learn how to clean & prepare tomatillos so that they may be used for a variety of recipe applications.

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How To Remove The Husk & Clean Tomatillos

Tomatillos have a tart flavor with a meaty interior & may be used in place of traditional green tomatoes in many instances. When choosing fresh tomatillos, there will be a husk encompassing each one ranging from green to light brown that will need to be removed & discarded before use. Tomatillos may be used for a variety of relishes, soups, stews & chilis or in salads.


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In order to prepare tomatillos for use, begin by removing the outer husk from each one. There will be a sticky residue on the outside of the fruit that may be rinsed away by running it under cool water. Next, remove the stem then slice the tomatillos in half. Tomatillos may be eaten raw although many recipes call to roast or cook them first. Simply proceed according to specific recipe instructions. 

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