Three Best Tomato-Basil Salads


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Three Best Tomato-Basil Salads

A delicious selection of summer-fresh salads may be composed with the season’s finest to offer for everyday meals or when entertaining is in order. Tomato & basil have long been a classic combination of flavors that seem to satisfy when it’s hot outside. What makes tomato salads particularly interesting is when a number of types such as heirloom slicers, cherry, cocktail & grape are used together to create lovely texture & visual interest. Basil varieties are varied as well so experiment for a taste & look that’s wonderfully unique.

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How To Compose A Stellar Tomato-Basil Salad

Select a number of colorful tomatoes, in general, for amazing visual interest. The size of the components should also be considered, too. Sweet 100’s & Sunsugars almost create an instant garnish when used with Campari, Roma or Plum. Set aside several perfect basil sprigs for a simple finishing touch to highlight the use of the fresh herb.

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Having the right equipment will ensure it’s effortless to make any one of these delicious salads. When basil-packed Peanut Pesto is to be used to coat grains such as barley, a food processor ensures the task is be quick while a serrated utility knife, a good cutting board & a kitchen towel cover the tomato preparations.


No. 1

Alabama Tomato & Barley Pesto Salad

Salads such as Alabama Tomato & Barley Pesto Salad with good for you grains offer expanded nutritional value whilst being more filling. The chewy bite of barley adds wonderful texture & delicious taste, especially when tossed with Peanut Pesto. It may be prepared with a variety of produce from your garden. Although this recipe is filled with smaller tomato selections, slicers may be quartered & cut into various sizes for an equally tasty result. Learn how to make a lovely salad perfect for light summer lunches or to accompany with an array of grilled dinner options.  

Lemon-Dill Tomato-Purple-Hull-Pea-Salad-Rebecca-Gordon-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Publisher-Garden-Recipes-Southern-Entertaining-RebeccaGordon-Chef-Southerner-Gardener-Birmingham-Alabama

No. 2

Lemon-Dill Tomato & Purple Hull Pea Salad

A combination of vibrant color, texture & taste make this particular dish well worth your attention. Golden Jubilee & Campari tomatoes offer a sweet-rich flavor while just a few Sunsugars balance the relish. If variety is desired, try using Lemon-Thyme Fresh Lady Pea Relish instead or even change the tomatoes & use what is growing in your own garden. Learn how to make a delicious Lemon-Dill Tomato & Purple Hull Pea Salad perfect for summer meals.  


No. 3

Pecan Pesto With Pasta & Tomatoes

Pecan Pesto With Pasta & Tomatoes is a filling summer-fresh side dish perfect to serve for an array of celebrations ranging from birthday gatherings to showers. It features a variety of goodness such as Campari & Mini San Marzano to Sweet 100’s & Sunsugar, however the recipe would be quite lovely with the tomatoes you are growing in your own garden. Serve this flavorful pasta with grilled chicken & smoked ribs for an simple summer supper you’ll reach for time & time again.

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