The New Collection Of Banana Summer Desserts

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The New Collection Of Banana Summer Desserts

An irresistible collection of cool & creamy summer desserts are ideal to serve for many celebrations ranging from barbecue cookouts to birthday parties. Banana Pudding has long been an all around favorite but many other items may be prepared & with readily available ingredients making them simple to make at a moments notice. If classic Banana Cream Pie with Vanilla Wafer Pie Crust makes you swoon, you’ll love the collection I have created. Over the next several weeks, drop in daily for a delicious dose of banana recipes filled with sweetness that you’ll look to all throughout the year.

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How To Garnish Banana Desserts

Bananas can play a humble role in delicious recipes ranging from beignets & breads to pies, muffins, waffles & so much more. They almost magically make baked goods more moist over time & offer robust, sweeter flavor particularly when very ripe fruit is used. They are also economical & versatile in that bananas may be frozen & added to recipes at your convenience.

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Freshly sliced bananas may be used to garnished desserts, however it’s important to note that discoloration will occur. It is best practices to slice & top desserts just before serving for quality results. To hold desirable coloration longer, brush citrus juice over the slices. Banana chips may also be used in place of fresh, if garnishing ahead of time is necessary.

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