The Essential Guide To Spring Cleaning & Kitchen Maintenance

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The Essential Guide To Spring Cleaning & Kitchen Maintenance

A few general practices should be followed in order to keep plumbers & repair personnel from visiting at a moments notice. It’s important to create a spring cleaning & general kitchen maintenance schedule in order to run an efficient & safe food space in your home. Let’s begin by addressing a few basic fundamentals. I am not a fan of the kitchen disposal as I have never had one & do not plan to in the future either. It’s not that they do not get the job done as they should because indeed they do but when things go awry, it’s most likely due to human error & antique pipes. Someone will eventually place something down the sink that they shouldn’t have, then a professional will need to be called. Never discard grains & starchy foods such as rice, potatoes & pasta or fibrous vegetables & peels such as corn husks & celery down a disposal as they will likely expand or clog & it will need to be cleared. When browning ground beef for Classic Bolognese, lasagna & chili, pour the grease into saved coffee cans, then toss them in the garbage can. Swipe the pots & half sheet pans that have been used to prepare roasted vegetables with a paper towel before scrubbing with dish soap in the sink. Likewise, use a paper towel to remove as much rice, quinoa or barley from utensils & dishes to ensure pipes remain clog-free. Learn how to create a general spring cleaning & kitchen maintenance plan.

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How To Create A Cleaning & Kitchen Maintenance Routine

From obvious tasks which include sweeping, mopping, cleaning & sanitizing surfaces to dishwasher maintenance & discarding chipped measuring cups or bakeware, there are many items that need your attention in order to deliver safe, wholesome recipes & meals for your family. Make certain you’re following a regular cleaning & kitchen maintenance schedule.

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Creating a daily to yearly cleaning & maintenance schedule is an important & necessary step to ensure food safety practices are followed when preparing regular meals from your kitchen. Make certain you’re on task with these valuable pointers.

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If you cook daily like I do, it’s important to begin & end with a clean & sanitized space. Sweep the floor & mop before & after preparations. Prepare a simple sanitizing solution of 1 teaspoon chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water & use it to sanitize work surfaces. If placed in a spray bottle, the solution is good for a week. Otherwise, discard & prepare it daily. Begin food preparations with fruit & vegetables, then plan to break down raw meat & poultry last. Sanitize in between steps such as when adding raw eggs to batter bowls & wash hands before during & after these tasks. Sinks should also be scrubbed with soap & water, then sanitized before food preparations begin & once they are complete. Wipe down the stovetop & any small appliances that were used as well with the sanitizer once tasks are complete.


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Discard leftovers from the refrigerator. Toss items such as rice, raw meat & artichokes in the garbage can. Clean & wipe surfaces, drawers & handles with the sanitizer. Scrub the stove & hood, then sanitize them. Scrub & sanitize cabinets & baseboards, then sweep & mop the floors. Clean the coffee maker & the carafe. 

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Clean the top of refrigerators & cabinets. Dust light fixtures. Run the oven self-cleaning mechanism. Clean the dishwasher. Yes, the dishwasher needs to be cleaned. Place 1 cup white distilled vinegar in a bowl on the top level of an empty dishwasher & run a cycle through. Once it is complete, sanitize the inside & outside of the machine. Clean the microwave by heating 1 cup water in a glass measuring cup to boiling, about 1 1/2 minutes on High power. Let stand 5 minutes. Open the door & wipe the surfaces, then use the sanitizing solution over them. 

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One of the best systems we have set in place throughout our home which includes the kitchen is creating a rotation of painting that we consider maintenance. Clean & sanitize cabinet & wall surfaces, then swipe a top coat of paint over them to freshen the space. We put this technique into action from the inside of the house to the exterior as well to keep it looking it’s best. Assess baking dishes. Discard any with chips or cracks. Retire springform pans with loosely fitting latches & non-stick skillets in which the coating is peeling or scratched. Remove any utensils from rotation that display rust or corrosion. 

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