The Essential Guide To Metal Bakeware


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The Essential Guide To Metal Bakeware

Freshly baked cakes, cookies & bars are just some of the confections that benefit from the use of metal bakeware. These hardworking essentials are a must for every serious baker as some may be used for many different recipe applications. Metal bakeware is generally used only as a baking vessel. Items are removed after baking & finished or sliced, then stacked for presentation compared to their ceramic & porcelain counterparts. The latter may be taken from oven to table & are best suited for use for side dishes, cobblers & the like. Learn the basic fundamentals of metal bakeware so you’re on task with the right equipment.

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What To Bake In Metal Pans

Having the correct equipment is the first step to making certain success is achieved when preparing your favorite recipes. It’s also important to know what types of pans should be used in order to prepare the baked goods you so desire for the best results. 

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Choose metal pans of quality. Look for heavy, well made pieces that are reinforced at each corner. I prefer edges that create a 90 degree angle as they look better & make slicing more precise. Silver pans tend to need a few minutes more of baking time while darker pans less. Lining the pans with parchment paper will at times aide in easy release. Let individual recipes guide you.

No. 1

Rectangular Bakeware

Bar cookies, sheet cakes & large batches of brownies may be prepared in rectangular metal baking pans. Most recipes require just a bit of cooking spray in order for items to release. These are ideal for use when a cooked, poured icing is planned so that it is contained & sets before slicing into serving pieces. Quarter & half sheet pans fall into this category as well. They are not only ideal for Double Pecan Texas Sheet Cake & Buttermilk Petit Fours but of course a mainstay when baking cookie classics ranging from Pecan-Oat Double Chip Cookies, Classic Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies & Mexican Wedding Cookies.

No. 2

Round Bakeware

Traditional layer confections such as Italian Cream Cake, Buttermilk Chocolate Cake, Toasted Coconut Cake, Old-Fashioned Caramel Cake & Classic Vanilla Butter Cake may be categorized as using either 8 or 9-inch standard round cake pans. Specialty creations such as Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake & Miniature Buttermilk Carrot Cake utilize a 4 & 6-inch round pan instead. When preparing cakes, it’s usually good practices to not only grease & flour them before portioning the batter but adding a circle of parchment paper then lightly greasing it to ensure they release easily.

No. 3

Square Bakeware

The most popular square pans are 8 & 9-inches in size & lining them with parchment paper makes it simple to remove items from them once baking is complete making slicing a breeze. Look for pans with sharp corners as they are wonderful for cutting neat, clean edges when Classic Lemon Bars are in order. Chocolate Truffle Brownies & Sachertorte Petite Fours are just a few examples of the handcrafted creations that may be prepared in these humble pans. If a gift box layer cake is desired, standard cake recipes may be portioned in several to create a custom look. Conversely, square pans come into good use if you just wish to prepare half of a recipe such as Classic Co-Cola Cake. The versatility simply cannot be beat. 

No. 4

Classic Specialty Pans

The most popular by far are small & standard muffin pans that are ideal for making Miniature Buttermilk Carrot Muffins, Buttermilk Carrot Cupcakes, Sour Cream-Chocolate Cupcakes & Buttermilk Cupcakes. The small pans are ultra hardworking in that they may be used to fashion batches of tartlets, too. Classic pies such as Derby Tartlets, Lemon Icebox Pies & Miniature Buttermilk Pies are ideal to serve for an array of celebrations. Some other pans worth curating include Madeleine, Financiers & Canele. More traditional pans include tube pans which are ideal for Buttermilk Pound Cake & Bourbon-Pecan Chocolate Pound Cake & bundt pans. Springform pans may be used to make savory appetizers & Classic Cheesecakes whilst Lemon-Poppy Seed Tea Bread, Mini Buttermilk Carrot Cake Loaves & Lemon-Blueberry Tea Bread utilize a variety of loaf pan sizes respectively. 

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