The Essential Guide To Heat-Thriving Sun & Shade Plants


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The Essential Guide To Heat-Thriving Sun & Shade Plants

Heat-thriving flowers & plants are essential staples to every southern garden once the most sweltering time of the season sets in. These lovely selections should not only hold up well in their specific locations within the garden but ideally pair beautifully together when simple bouquets are in order to spruce indoor spaces when entertaining is planned. Birthdays, family reunions, showers & casual barbecue parties may be elevated effortlessly with a few picks right out of your own yard. Today’s tutorial features a collection of tried & true hot weather favorites that offer vivid color & texture as well as the versatility of mixing sun & shade-loving plants together in arrangements. Learn about some of my very favorite garden combinations & so they may be added to your landscape in the future.

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How To Navigate Mid-Summer Gardens

Savvy southerners know to have distinctive, indigenous garden varieties planted around their outdoor space that can be used for a number of occasions. These arrangements are designed to be effortless & fast to prepare since entertaining involves many fine details as the event draws closer. Heat-thriving sun & shade plants are always a good choice to showcase in your yard & for parties.

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The Five Essential Heat-Thriving Sun & Shade Plants

If you don’t have these garden staples growing in your green space, select & plant several from a local nursery to use in a number of lovely ways.

No. 1


Narrow Leaf Zinnia is a reliable specimen that is available in a variety of colors such as Crystal White to bold yellows & oranges like Gold Star. Their mounding, bushy habit makes them excellent for use at the front of borders, particularly near mailboxes or to create lovely containers for decks when accompanied with lantana or verbena, chartreuse coleus or trailing sweet potato vine & salvias or yarrow. Their petite stature are wonderful to use in small arrangements perfect for casual entertaining. In the landscape, zinnias attract a variety of butterflies such as the Variegated Fritillary. When these small insects are perched upon petals with their wings closed, the outer surface of them resemble dried leaves in order to help them hide from predators.

No. 2

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisies offer a warm, sweet welcome to guests whether planted in the garden or collected for arrangements. They are meant to be grown & nurtured in your own yard pairing well with a host of classic summer garden clippings. Known for their rich foliage & cheery blooms, Shasta Daisies perform best with early morning sun & afternoon shade. Be certain to water them daily once the heat of the season sets in to keep them upright & stately on their tall stems. They usually do not need staking but expect them to lean in towards the sun & if a few topple from the weight of prolific blooms, it is simply your cue to cut the stalk, snip the flowers & create bouquet of sunshine to enjoy indoors. Shasta Daisies pair well with other excellent heat-thriving sun & shade-loving plants including red Knockout Roses, ferns, hosta & lamb’s ears

No. 3


White Wonder Caladium is a beautiful, old-fashioned plant known for its heart-shaped foliage. These heat tolerate garden musts may be used in locations that receive either sun or shade as they are very adaptable. It is best practices to allow them early morning light, then cover from the hottest times of the day. This caladium variety may be identified by white frilly leaves with green margins & a small rosy point just where the curve meets. Bulbs should be planted in the spring time for a welcome addition to garden spaces once the heat of the summer sets in. White Wonder Caladiums compliment shade favorites such as ferns & hosta beautifully & make attractive border plants. I prefer to place them in front of the lilies as once their blooms fade, the caladiums begin to surface to perk up semi-sunny & shade locations in landscapes. They grow approximately 12 to 18-inches high & prefer moist soil that is fertilized regularly. When creating arrangements, consider adding other greenery & foliage such as ferns, lamb’s ears & hosta.

 No. 4


Lirirope, more commonly known as Lilyturf or monkey grass, is a reliable perennial plant that may be used in many places around the grounds to provide color & texture in landscapes all year long. They need very little maintenance & grow quickly to fill in spaces. Bloom time in our region generally takes place in July or August with soft lilac spikes that shoot up between the grasses. In the fall, they transform into bright berries. The plants grow approximately 16 to 20-inches high & should be spaced 12-inches apart. The grasses spread by way of tuberous roots underground & make wonderful border plants or may be used to line paths or driveways.

No. 5

Butterfly Bush

Buddleia davidii encompasses a vast collection of blooming & fragrant summer plants that take the heat of the season beautifully. Specimens such as Nanho Blue Buddleia & Nanho Purple Buddleia are just a few of the selections known for attracting Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies, bees & hummingbirds, particularly when it’s scorching hot outdoors. Bright sunny locations & high humidity are no problem for these plants that thrive well when other selections may wither.

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