The Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Pastries & Cookies

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The Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Pastries & Cookies

 A striking selection of handcrafted pastries & cookies are perfect to offer guests & loved ones for a number of occasions from our traditional American Thanksgiving celebrations to Christmas & New Year’s Day. There are many authentic Mexican classics that may be found in corner bakeries you may easily replicate in your very own kitchen. Exciting cookies that are commonly prepared from September through December to yeast risen doughs utilize simple techniques yet speak to the rich heritage of their place of origin. In the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting many of these lovely staples & I do hope you will find the information & my approach to them, resourceful, refreshing & most importantly inspiring. Drop in daily for fresh, new ideas & comprehensive tutorials designed to guide you through each step. 

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How To Make Authentic Mexican Pastries & Cookies

Most everything lovely that comes out of your kitchen begins with planning & logistics. From curating the finest ingredients to making certain supplies are available to create beautiful & delicious pastries & cookies, many tasks must be taken care of before cooking & baking can even begin. Create a list, place orders for items now & make a timeline. Once the baking or cooking has concluded, items may be enjoyed right away or stored short term & used to offer guests when entertaining. You may even consider packaging & sharing many of these items with friends. 


rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickThe Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Pastries & Cookies

The Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Pastries & Cookies is designed to cover many of the basic fundamentals that will aide in achieving accurate results. Beautifully prepared bakeshop classics make lovely offerings to guests when entertaining especially during the holidays. Just a few ingredients, tools, equipment, recipe formulas & the proper technique will open the door to many delightful morsels. Be certain you’re on task in advance & stock up on essentials before beginning.

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The Ingredient Staples

A well stocked pantry & refrigerator is the first step to making sure baking will be effortless. Ground cinnamon is used in many of the classic sweets I’ll be showcasing. Mexican cinnamon, also known as ceylon & more commonly sold as canela is milder than cassia which has a bolder flavor. Look for “Canela en Polvo” stated on the bottle to use in these Mexican classics which translates literally to “cinnamon powder”.  Eggs play a vital role when making cookies. They aide in binding ingredients & add rich flavor to recipes. Use only the freshest eggs. I’ll guide you through the procedures & help you look for valuable visual cues.

Standard all purpose flour may be used for most of the recipe formulas I’ll be showcasing & be certain to have both granulated & powdered sugar stocked as well. Oil will be a necessary ingredient to have on hand for frying while a bit of shortening is used in some cases. The latter will be paired with butter so that the best flavor may be achieved. Some of the recipes use bold color that may be added directly to the dough in order to achieve signature looks. A bit of food coloring paste will be needed in order to replicate them.

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The Tools & Equipment

A stand mixer, half sheet pans, parchment paper & a rolling pin will be used to prepare many of the cookie recipes. Although they are extremely traditional in nature, many of the styles use very rudimentary techniques. When frying is in order, be certain to have a candy thermometer available to attach to the side of the pot so an accurate temperature may be maintained. A good pair of tongs with a long handle & a slotted spoon will aide in retrieving & adding items to the oil. 

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The Logistics

Many of the sweets I’ll be sharing may be eaten after baking or frying & they will hold several days if properly stored. Let individual recipes guide you in determining the best methods for wrapping & serving these scrumptious morsels.

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