The Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Cuisine


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The Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Family meals filled with fresh ingredients & exciting flavors are a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones at the dinner table. You can create restaurant quality recipes & meals at home perfect for entertaining or for any night of the week. Hand crafted specialties featuring authentic ingredients that may be used to make many classic Mexican specialties need not be complicated. I will detail the procedure for making everything from Classic Beef Enchiladas to homemade tortillas & everything in-between so be sure to drop in daily for cooking & baking tutorials designed to guide you through each part of the process. In just a few short weeks, you are guaranteed to be well armed to craft an array delicious & satisfying recipe solutions. Stock your pantry now with the proper ingredients, tools & equipment to make dinner execution efficient, rewarding & fun. Read through the recipes before beginning. Follow my pointers & get ready to make the best meals to date that your family will rave over.

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How To Prepare Authentic Mexican Recipes

A recipe collection of authentic Mexican cuisine should include a variety of sauce styles & meat options that not only fall in line with tradition but highlight preparation solutions for the busy, modern cook. They should also focus on produce available now from your local market. Once you know a few key basic fundamentals, you’ll be preparing these items often. I’ll also offer ways they can be used throughout the year for entertaining & beyond the typical family meal solution.

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A new season offers a fresh start & an opportunity to make family meal time a valuable focus for what lies ahead. Be certain you’re on task with these helpful pointers.

No. 1

The Ingredient Staples

Before any cooking can begin stock your pantry & refrigerator with the proper ingredients. The recipes I will be featuring may be very new to you however, rest assured they are not difficult to make. In some cases, you may not have even considered preparing them from scratch but they do indeed taste so much better & you will not believe how easy some are to make. There are some though that may be more time consuming than others. Many dishes have been broken down so that they may be prepared in stages. As far as ingredients, masa harina, a fine textured corn flour, as well as a variety of dried & fresh peppers, tomatoes & garden herbs will be used regularly. Ground beef, chicken & pork will be included in many the main dish items. I shop the same stores that you do, so just know that ingredient availability will be accessible with a quick trip to your local market.

No. 2

The Tools & Equipment

Invest in a quality sauté pan with 3-inch sides, a 6 or 8-quart stock pot with a removable steamer insert & a griddle. They will make preparing many of these recipes a breeze. Good tongs & sharpened knives will also come in handy. Quarter & half sheet pans as well as simple casserole or baking dishes will be utilized as well. Take stock in what you already have in your kitchen & pick up additional items as needed for recipe preparation.


No. 3

The Meal Preparations

Some recipes may be prepared relatively effortlessly on the stovetop while others will need a block of time set aside in order to complete for baking in the oven. However, the dishes will yield valuable family meal solutions. Focus on the task at hand to complete them quickly. Have ingredients & equipment out on the counter & ready to use at a moments notice.

No. 4

The Etcetera

Classic accompaniments to this popular cuisine style will focus on learning how to prepare many items from scratch. A variety of dried & fresh peppers with varying degrees of heat will be used & it’s important to always have a box of disposable gloves in the kitchen to use when handling them. I have already featured many classic tried & true flavors such as guacamole, homemade salsa, pico de galo & crema with slight twists all their own. However, during this tutorial series, I’ll break down many additional flavor combinations your family will love. When these simple extras are hand crafted from scratch, you will have a new, raised bar with which to compare these foods & I believe you will begin to seek out & support truly authentic-style vendors & restauranteurs to frequent in your own community on a regular basis when you wish to take a break from cooking at home. You will taste the difference for certain.  

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