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Steak Knives 

A set of quality steak knives are essential utensils everyone should have in their collection. They come in all sorts of configurations ranging from metal or wooden handles with blades that may be serrated, smooth or finely grooved. A steak knife is all about form & function as they should complete the task they were designed for easily yet look good enough to set out if company is planned. Many come with a case for storage so they are effortless to locate when needed. Look for blades forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel as they will last. Pick the handle up & hold it in your hand to be certain the grip is ergonomic & comfortable to use. Steak knives will measure approximately 8 to 9-inches in length with a blade comprising almost 4 1/2-inches. If wooden handles are chosen, consider it best practices not to run them through the dishwasher for cleaning as the high temperature will show over time. Always follow manufacturers advice for recommended instructions. As with any knife, they should be sharpened regularly so invest in a good device & follow the instructions outlined specifically for the knife style chosen.

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 How To Sharpen Knives

Steak knives are a must when prized beef cuts such as New York Strip Steaks & Pan-Seared Rosemary-Garlic Ribeye Steaks featuring Ribeye Steaks are on the menu. In advance, check the blades & make certain they are well prepared for the upcoming task at hand. Look to The Basics: How To Sharpen Knives for visuals & instructions on how to take care of this necessary step.

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First & foremost it’s important to follow the manufacturers instructions precisely in order to properly sharpen each knife style. Basically, many three step systems begin with stage one which includes diamond abrasives that leave the guesswork out of sharpening properly. Once the device has been plugged in & turned on, conical discs rotate, then all you need to do is swipe the blades through. Count the number of times that particular side is swiped & repeat through the next slot so both sides get an even turn. Step two features a steel that aides in shaving a sharp edge while stage three highlights a rough disc system used to create that ultra sharp finish. It’s designed specifically for honing & polishing. Think of sharpening as a means to take a dull blade to sharp while honing is a process that fine tunes that sharp blade by centering it. The stages may be used in several combinations depending on what the task at hand may be. Follow instructions precisely in order to sharpen serrated blades as not all of the steps should be used.  

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