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Sprinkles, Dragees, Sparkling Sugars & Candies

Essential to any festive & fun Christmas cookie are the adornments. These colorful or whimsical additions offer individuality to creations when decorating or give designs distinctive qualities that express the season for which they represent. Sprinkles, dragees, sparkling sugars & candies are just some of the items available that may be used to make holiday cookies bright & cheery. Sprinkles offer a confetti of color to baked goods while sugar conveys shimmer & sparkle. Candies may be used to replicate themes such as using small red confections to resemble holly berries or Rudolphs red nose. Dragees are ideal for creating elevated designs as many are available in gold & silver. Learn how to select the best toppings to make your Christmas cookies truly magical. 

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How To Use Tiny Confectionary To Decorate Sugar Cookies

Depending on how you would like to create your cookie designs, colorful, festive toppings may be added to the dough before baking or onto the cookies once they have cooled. Brush up on these pointers so you can choose the best method for your holiday decorating.

rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickThe Essential Extras For Decorating Christmas Cookies

Decorating holiday cookies are a fun project that may be planned anytime of the year. Once cookies have been baked & cooled, adding sprinkles & adornments are the next step to convey seasonal spirit. Learn about some of the best items to use for gift worthy results.

No. 1

The Sprinkles

Sprinkles come in many different varieties ranging from tiny little dots to minuscule rectangular shapes. Sometimes they are packaged as seasonal themes with miniature snowflakes & edible glitters. They may be purchased as multicolored collections or in singular hues featuring rich browns, reds, greens & blues. Sprinkles do vary brand to brand so be certain to look for those that have a noticeable high gloss sheen. The color will not bleed & will hold up better during baking. An egg wash will be necessary in order for them to stick if you would like to add them on top of cut dough before baking.  I recommend one prepared with a whole egg & a smattering of water for the best results. When adding sprinkles to baked cookies, most any frosting or icing will allow them to adhere to surfaces. 

 No. 2

The Dragees

 Dragees are most commonly known as the small metallic decorations used to adorn cakes, cupcakes, cookies & more although Jordan almonds fall into the general category. It should be noted that all of the metallic dragees available whether they are rod shaped or round are not approved for consumption & should only be used for decoration. 

 No. 3

The Sparkling & Colored Sugars

A variety of large & small grain colorful sugars may be used for decorating cookies. These glitzy toppings offer shimmer & glow to truly make Christmas cookies something special. There are a few methods that may be used to help sparkling sugar adhere. It may be sprinkled over cut dough with or without an egg wash, then again once they are removed from the oven. The sugars may also be added to cookies once baked. Frosting, icing or an edible glue consisting of meringue powder & water are all excellent ways to invoke lasting sparkle & shine to holiday cookies. Look for products beyond the traditional granules as they are available in shapes such as stars or in chunky pebbles with matte finishes.

No. 4

The Candies

 Most any miniature-size candy may be used to decorate Christmas cookies. When choosing one to use, consider the flavor of the candy in comparison to the cookie. Cinnamon candies compliment spice classics beautifully while chocolate flavors blend well with vanilla & chocolate cookie bases.

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