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Every modern kitchen should be stocked with a variety of well made, hardworking tools. Spatulas may be secured in a range of finishes & several styles work best for specific tasks. Icing spatulas & palate knifes have long been crucial tools necessary for many baking & pastry tasks such as loosening cakes from pans & icing layers. They have a signature design consisting of a handle & varying lengths often forged from stainless steel. The tip is rounded with a width of approximately 2-inches or so with lengths ranging from 6 to 14-inches long. Handles may be crafted from wood or heavy duty plastic. Rubber spatulas make blending a breeze as well as removing batter from bowls with very little waste. However, when it comes to general everyday cooking tasks, a classic spatula is invaluable for turning pancakeshamburgers. Learn how to choose the right spatula for the task at hand.

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How To Choose A Spatula

Every kitchen should be stocked with a wide range of spatula styles. When it comes to everyday meals, several traditional spatulas will prove to be invaluable. Spatulas used for flipping or turning items usually consist of a broad base & a long handle. They may be slotted or solid. Try to secure one that is ultra thin as it’s ideal for getting under eggs when frying as well as one with a finish compatible to non-stick surfaces that will prevent scratches on those covets pans & griddles. 

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A heavy duty, stainless steel spatula is ideal when cooking in skillets such as in the case of these miniature Party Cheeseburgers & they are a must when grilling hamburgers outdoors in order to help maintain their shape while cooking. The perforations aide in draining fat away from food & a long handle offers sound safety. The hole at the top of the handle allows them to be hung when not in use and due to the materials from which they are made, the spatulas are dishwasher safe.

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