Three Essential Classic French Cakes & Cookies

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Three Essential Classic French Cakes & Cookies

A striking selection of handcrafted little French cakes & cookies may be offered to guests for a number of occasions from bridal teas & showers to Easter & spring celebrations. These desserts are timeless & will certainly elevate menus beautifully. The good news is that they are simple to make too. Honey-Lavender MadeleinesCanelé & Financiers all use a particular pan in which they should be prepared giving each a signature shape. Non-stick canelé pans & financier pans may be sourced on the internet as just a bit of butter is all that is needed to keep them from sticking while more traditional madeleine pans can be located in fine cook stores. Learn how to make a lovely collection of French classics that may be prepared in your very own kitchen to serve for upcoming spring parties. 

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How To Create A Collection Of French Cakes & Cookies

Planning & logistics are the key fundamentals to hosting fabulous spring parties & social gatherings. Small cakes & cookies offer good taste when entertaining is in order & you certainly can’t go wrong with any of these favorites. Texture & flavor add interest to lovely parties & gifts for giving.

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Knowing when & how far in advance little cakes & cookies can be prepared for gatherings will help ensure a smooth event. Follow these pointers for an organized execution that’s guaranteed to be a success.

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Honey-Lavender Madeleines are blended traditionally. The egg white is folded into the batter by hand much like you would do if preparing a sponge cake & the melted butter provides a decadent flavor to these airy joys. Madeleines are best when enjoyed the same day in which they have been prepared so plan to bake them in the morning if entertaining in the afternoon hours. Learn how to make these lovely cookies.

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 Canelé or Cannelé are the creme brûlée of little cakes. A dark, caramelized exterior with a soft set custard center. When traditional Canelé molds are used to prepare them, beeswax is brushed onto the pans to ensure they are easily removable. In turn, it creates a distinctive texture that merges beautifully with the sweet, soft interior. Canelé originated from the Bordeaux region of France & are classically made with rum & vanilla. Bourbon Canelé have the addition of Grand Marnier that not only offers lovely flavor but sweetens the cakes just a bit more. Learn how to make a cake ideal for a number of spring celebrations.

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Financiers are rich little butter cakes shaped & baked to resemble bars of gold. They’re quite simple to prepare & use browned butter to add more complex flavor notes. Browned butter be made by melting & briefly cooking it until the solids become golden. Keep a close watch over it during this procedure to ensure it doesn’t get too dark. Learn how to make this irresistible classic ideal for a number of lovely spring celebrations.

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