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Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes are a versatile root vegetable ideal for a variety of recipe applications. They may be baked, boiled or fried with exceptional results. In general, potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark location. They will hold several weeks in a cool location such as a pantry keeps sprouting at bay. Avoid storing potatoes in the refrigerator as the starch will convert to sugar. If the potato skins turn green, discard them. The green color comes from chlorophyll & it’s a warning signal. It’s caused by exposure to light & indicates the tuber may have higher than normal amounts of solanine present which could potentially lead to a variety of health issues. A 7-ounce russet potato contains approximately 200 calories, 0 fat grams & 6 grams of protein. Learn how to prepare russet potatoes using a mandoline to make crispy chips & traditional baked side dishes.

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How To Thinly Slice Russet Potatoes

 Russet potatoes may be used for all sorts of delicious recipes & pair beautifully with many beef cuts including beef chuck shoulder steaks, skirt steak & flank steak. From simple baked potatoes & Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes to more involved recipes such as Cajun Potato ChipsSalt & Pepper Potato Chips & Classic Potato Gratin the russet is an ideal choice due to its dry & mealy texture. When some of these other applications are desired, a mandoline is a tool designed to thinly slice vegetables. Care & precaution should be exercised during use.

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A hand held mandoline may be found from many good cook stores. Simply adjust the thickness desired using the gauge, then hold the handle over a sturdy work surface at a 45 degree angle. Slice the end away from the potato & begin sliding it over the blade portion of the tool. The blade is extremely sharp so use caution. The potato slices will fall on the opposite of the tool over the work surface. Once approximately 1/4 of the potato is remaining, attach the guard to it & safely slice the last bit of the vegetable. Use as directed in specific recipe applications. 

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