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Oats, more formally known as Avena sativa, are a whole grain cereal grain prized for its seed that may be found in a variety of forms. Typically considered too long to cook, oat groats are usually broken down to create a variety of options including rolled, crushed, steel cut, quick cooking or instant oats for consumer convenience. Oats have been known to lower cholesterol in the blood & boast many other health benefits such as being a good source of fiber & protein. They are used for human & livestock consumption. Oats may be eaten simply in oatmeal or used as an ingredient in cookies, bars & breakfast foods to boost nutritional value & impart distinctive texture to meals. Learn how to add oats to a variety of your favorite recipes. 

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How To Choose The Best Oat Style For Recipe Applications

Groats refer to the husked oat kernel. It includes the germ, the bran & the endosperm of the cereal grain. Oat groats may be processed to create a variety of textures & cook times for use in recipe formulas. 


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Oatmeal is a milled flour consisting of hulled oat grains that may be found in various forms. Use this guide to aide in selecting the right version for the recipes you wish to prepare.

No. 1

Steel-Cut Oats

Steel cut oats are highly prized for their nutty flavor & wholesome, chewy texture. They are processed from oat groats & are separated from their hull, however they still contain the endosperm & the germ. The endosperm contains the fiber & the protein while the germ contains healthy unsaturated fat. Steel cut oats are great sources of vitamins B & E. Compared to rolled oats, steel cut oats are processed less & by toasting then cutting the groats into several pieces creating their signature look. Steel-cut oats are often sold as Irish oatmeal. They may be referred to as coarse oatmeal & pinhead oatmeal as well. They take a bit more time to cook & are not recommended for cookie recipes. However, steel cut oats are ideal for use in a nutritionally packed breakfast oatmeal.

No. 2

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are processed a bit more than steel cut oats & they are actually steamed first which prevents cracking. They are then rolled through mills to flatten them. Rolled oats are often sold as Old-Fashioned or quick cooking & may be used interchangeably in baked goods such as cookies, breakfast bars, waffles & pancakes. Quick cooking oats have been processed further so their prance will almost look crumbly. Expect a slightly more dense & chewy texture when Old-Fashioned oats are used. 

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