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Mini San Marzano Tomatoes

Traditional San Marzano tomatoes are a coveted Plum or Roma variety often times used to prepare classic sauces such as bolognese & marinara. They originated near Naples, Italy in a region with the same name. The vast majority produced weigh approximately 3 1/2-ounces each & are prized for their balance of sweet & acidic taste notes. The fruit is a bit more elongated in shape compared to the fresh Plum or Roma tomatoes generally found from the market as this particular variety is most readily available canned. However, Mini San Marzano tomatoes offer those same desirable qualities with fewer seeds & are more prevalent fresh for purchase. This heirloom version is nice & meaty with a pear-shaped appearance perfect for use in salads or appetizers. Mini San Marzano’s may be grown in your own garden & they are considered an intermediate level plant but the good news is that if you’re not green thumb inclined, these small beauties are available from most markets almost year round. Learn the basic fundamentals of this prized tomato variety. 

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How To Grow & Use Mini San Marzano Tomatoes

Mini San Marzano’s are small versions of their traditional counterparts that look more like a grape tomato. Rich in Vitamins A & K, they’re firm yet juicy with a slightly sweet flavor. Mini San Marzano plants may be grown in your own garden. The fruit may be used interchangeably when cherry or grape tomatoes are called for in recipe applications. A combination of Campari, Mini San Marzano, Sweet 100’s & Sunsugar tomatoes pair beautifully with flavor-rich pasta & fresh basil.


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Solanum lycopersicum ‘Mini San Marzano’ tomatoes are self-pollinating plants meaning they do not need an outside source such as butterflies or bees in order to transfer pollen from the stamen to the seed-bearing pistil found in the signature yellow blooms that measure just under 1-inch in size when open. They are a vining perennial but may be treated as an annual plant. It is recommended to start seeds indoors approximately 6 weeks before the anticipated final frost, then transplant into beds as opposed to direct sowing them. Although Mini San Marzano’s are rabbit resistant, birds do indeed like the fruit. This tomato variety may also be grown in containers with a bit of extra attention. 

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