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Kosher Salt

Kosher salt may be identified as a large grained cooking salt with either a flat or pyramid-shape consisting of sodium chloride & often times an anti caking additive. It has many names including flake salt or rock salt & gained popularity for use during heavy cooking practices due to a lack of additional ingredients such as iodine, fluoride or dextrose thus providing a cleaner flavor without metallic undertones. The term kosher refers to a dry brining technique called kashering, a Jewish practice & not the salt itself being produced under strict religious guidelines although it can be both & further identified accordingly. Aside from basic cooking & brining procedures, kosher salt may be used in conjunction with oil as a cleaning agent for cast iron skillets. Learn how to use & store kosher salt.

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How To Use & Store Kosher Salt

Salt is well known for its ability to preserve or cure meats & season or flavor foods. It may be extracted from salt mines or obtained from seawater. It’s prized for grain-size as it’s simple to pinch during cooking procedures & offers a pure taste to dishes.

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Kosher salt may be used on just about anything that needs a smattering of seasoning & is often blended in conjunction with black pepper to coat beef, chicken or pork. It may be used for brining, general cooking techniques, baking, smoking & pickling. Custom spice blends may be prepared with kosher salt for barbecue & grilling with ingredients such as paprika, cumin, chili powder & ground red pepper. Kosher salt seasons everything from potato salad to steak kabobs & hamburger patties beautifully. Kosher salt may be stored on the counter top in a covered salt cellar for everyday use or in the original container in which it was purchased.  It should last indefinitely. 

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