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The modern southern garden should have plenty of old-fashioned blooms. Hydrangeas are available in many forms ranging from bushy evergreen to deciduous shrubs, climbing plants & vines. Colors may vary from blues, pinks, purples & white depending on the variety. In some cases, the hue is determined by the acidity of the soil which may be altered in order to produce the desired bloom shade. Generally speaking, highly acidic soils or those treated with aluminum sulfate produce bright blue while neutral to low acidity levels or those treated with lime display pink. Hydrangeas perform best in areas where the soil is rich, porous & well drained with early morning light & afternoon shade. They grow quickly filling in spaces in just a season or two. Learn how to create lovely arrangements with this prized plant that may be used for summer parties.

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How To Create Flower Arrangements With Hydrangeas

Beautiful flower arrangements should change with the seasons so begin by choosing items currently in bloom. Savvy southerners know to have distinctive, indigenous garden varieties planted around their outdoor space that can be used for a number of occasions. These arrangements are designed to be effortless & fast to prepare since entertaining involves many fine details as the event draws closer. Hydrangeas are always a good choice to use when entertaining as just a few stems are needed to really make spaces shine.


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Once you are familiar with several blooming plant & shrub varieties, making your own flower arrangements can be fun & fulfilling. If you don’t have these garden staples growing in your green space, select & plant one now from a local nursery to use in a number of lovely ways. Hydrangea blooms make beautiful arrangements with impact & just a few stems can be used to create small bursts of sunshine throughout spaces. Use them for entertaining or just to simply spruce up your home. Choose glasses with clean lines. Beverage glasses or clear vases work particularly well. Snip & gather blooms early in the morning. Invert the flowers & give them a little shake to remove any tiny garden creatures. Once indoors, remove any large leaves that may over shadow the blooms when using them in petite arrangements. Snip the stems low enough so that the blooms rest on the lip of the glass. Use the flowers throughout entertaining spaces & around your home on side tables, vanities & kitchen islands.

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