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The Technique

How To Steam

Steaming is a cooking method that relies on hot, moist heat that surrounds covered food producing an evenly cooked result. The technique begins with boiling water that in turn creates the steam necessary in order to cook the food. It may be achieved in many different ways from steamer pots with inserts or baskets that fit inside pots you may already have in your kitchen equipment. Some steamers are designed in layers whilst others are created specifically for cooking certain foods such as rice – think gumbo where the rice is served as an accompaniment to the dish-- therefore the perforation size may vary from unit to unit. Many fresh vegetables benefit from a steaming technique particularly if they are to be tossed in simple butter & herb mixtures just before serving. Learn how to use a basic steamer pot with an insert that will aide in creating delicious meals in your very own kitchen.

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How To Use A Steamer Insert & Pot

Meat cuts such as brisket when preparing corned beef or even simple side dishes such as green beans, cabbage & carrots benefit from a steaming procedure. It’s an efficient way to produce a clean, baseline result as it’s a great cooking method that retains beautiful color when a secondary finishing technique comes into play.

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Everyone should invest in a good steamer pot with an insert. They are wonderful for cooking tamales, dumplings & many other classic recipes. I chose a stainless steel pot with a 6-quart capacity & find that it is a smart size for a variety of tasks. Place a bit of water in the steamer. My steamer holds approximately 3 cups just under the insert. Place the insert into the pot, then layer Items or place them upright for steaming. Bring the water to a boil, cover with the lid & reduce the heat. Steam according to specific recipe instructions as directed. 

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