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How To Sharpen Knives 

One of the most important kitchen tasks is making sure everyday equipment & tools are properly maintained. Sharp knives will not only aide in providing a pleasing look when slicingchopping vegetables that may be combined in a mirepoix for heart warming winter soups or trimming a variety of beef & pork meat cuts but they also aide in creating patternsslashing yeast doughs before bread baking or slicing sandwiches in half flawlessly. There are several techniques for achieving a sharpened blade but I have found that investing in an electric knife sharpening tool has been one of the smartest kitchen investments one can make. They are affordable, may be stashed in a cabinet until needed & offer a straightforward process to follow. The image, beginning from the top, illustrates the following knives: carving, chef, bread, serrated utility & a paring knife. Learn how to sharpen these blades using this valuable device & put them into action when preparing your family’s favorite meals.

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 How To Sharpen Knives

A simple knife sharpening tool is quite easy to use. Set a little time aside each week to sharpen the knives you use everyday. I find that a chef knife, a paring knife & a carving knife need attention weekly while others that I use less frequently such as a serrated bread & a utility knife may be run through the machine every two weeks or so. Your needs may vary depending upon how often your cook. Always check with the instructions that come with the unit for guidance.

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First & foremost it’s important to follow the manufacturers instructions precisely in order to properly sharpen each knife style. Basically, many three step systems begin with stage one which includes diamond abrasives that leave the guesswork out of sharpening properly. Once the device has been plugged in & turned on, conical discs rotate, then all you need to do is swipe the blades through. Count the number of times that particular side is swiped & repeat through the next slot so both sides get an even turn. Step two features a steel that aides in shaving a sharp edge while stage three highlights a rough disc system used to create that ultra sharp finish. It’s designed specifically for honing & polishing. Think of sharpening as a means to take a dull blade to sharp while honing is a process that fine tunes that sharp blade by centering it. The stages may be used in several combinations depending on what the task at hand may be. Follow instructions precisely in order to sharpen serrated blades as not all of the steps should be used. 

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