The Basics: How To Sauté

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Cooking Essentials

The Technique

How To Sauté 

Sautéing is a cooking method that relies on a small amount of fat, a high heat & a good heavy pan in order to achieve success. This effortless stovetop procedure may be practiced over electric or gas ranges & even using direct grilling heat. Butter, oil or many times a combination of both are used since whey proteins have a tendency to burn if not monitored closely. The oil provides longevity in order to make certain food is thoroughly cooked whilst the butter offers desirable flavor. Allowing food items to stand over the heat in the pan a bit & then stirring them occasionally aides in producing good caramelization during the procedure as in the case of Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions or in other cases, such as with Lemon-Butter Asparagus, quick more consistent movement works to heat food fast & throughly. Learn how to sauté in your very own kitchen.

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How To Sauté

Sautéing is a wonderful cooking method that may be used to prepare fish or chicken cutlets quickly. It’s also a good procedure for vegetables just be certain they are cut to a uniform size so that they cook evenly. Begin with a hot pan & recipes will be ready for meal time fast.


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Although a wooden spoon is a fine utensil choice when sautéing foods, larger pieces such as meat may need turning with tongs. Conversely, a good shake of the pan over the stove eye may be enough in some instances in order to keep food moving & from scorching or browning too much. As for the vessel, stainless steel, enamel-coated or non-stick pans make sound choices for this particular cooking procedure. Use oils with higher smoking points when longer cooking times are necessary, whilst olive oil & butter or a combination of both may be used for shorter times. Just know that butter may be used at the very end of cooking, too which will add depth of flavor, richness & body to dishes.

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