The Basics: How To Roast

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Cooking Essentials

The Technique

How To Roast

Roasting unlike braising is a cooking method that relies on hot, dry heat that surrounds uncovered food producing an evenly cooked result. It is primarily an oven technique that may utilize temperatures ranging from low to slightly higher than average depending on the food. Roasting is ideal for many meat & poultry cuts such as beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin & whole chickens as well as use in simple vegetable preparation. Spices, herbs & a bit of oil may be combined & rubbed over surfaces or in the case of vegetables, they may be tossed in a seasoning blend with the oil then placed on heavy half sheet pans for cooking. The end result often times produces a crisp or golden exterior on meats or slightly charred edges to vegetables with excellent taste & a beautiful presentation for minimal effort. Roasting may be accomplished using a variety of vessels or pans ranging from a rack placed over a heavy half sheet pan or simply the pan alone, a large, deep roasting pan with handles that is generally reserved for the Thanksgiving bird as well as cast iron Dutch ovens without the lid just to name a few. Learn the basic procedure for getting roasting underway in your very own kitchen.

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How To Prepare To Roast

Meat cuts such as Beef TenderloinPork Loin RoastRack of LambPrime Rib & Eye Of Round are ideal candidates for this type of cooking method & when vegetables are in order, the best choices tend to be those with a low moisture content. Many root vegetables such as onions, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, carrots, turnips, beets or parsnips & even leafy Brussel sprouts produce wonderfully delicious results when roasted. A few simple preparation tasks must be accomplished ahead of time, however the small amount of effort is well worth your time once the cooking is complete. Roasting is a great method to use when entertaining is planned.

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Once the beef, chicken or pork cut has been trimmed using a sharpened knife, it will be ready for seasoning. Coat all sides of the meat with salt, pepper & other spices, if using. Unlike the braising technique which requires searing the cuts first before their oven time, roasting does not. Simply position the meat over a rack that has been placed over a heavy half sheet pan then pop it in the oven. Roast according to specific recipe instructions.

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