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The Technique

The Egg Wash

There are several ways an egg wash may be prepared. Different ingredients may be used in order to create specific coloration. Sometimes, the egg wash is necessary in order to ensure toppings & enhancements stick to the surface, too. Whisking together an egg with a splash of water is a good, basic method if sheen is desired as in the case of Oatmeal-Molasses Bread or if you need ingredients such as sprinkles, sugars & savory seeds to stick to dough. Brush over surfaces carefully. Since the egg white is included in this formula, you do not want it the hinder the process in any way. Avoid having it pool near cookie bottoms or around pan edges. Egg whites act as glue so it’s important to prevent unnecessary sticking to parchment paper. As in the case of yeast bread, avoid pan sides as it can alter oven spring when baking. Swipe just over the dough. Another good formula to use is an egg yolk & a bit of heavy cream. This is wonderful if rich coloration is desired or for seeds such as poppy & sesame to stick to surfaces.

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 How To Make An Egg Wash

Whether your recipe instructs to use a whole egg & water, just the yolk & a bit of cream or another combination, just know the specific egg wash was chosen in order to produce a specific result. Other factors such as the amount of butter or sugar in the dough as well as oven temperature contribute to the final expectation & appearance of the item. Today’s tutorial is the method I use to prepare all egg washes regardless of the particulars.


rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickThe Technique

A few pieces of equipment will be necessary in order to complete the task. Read through the instructions before beginning. Here’s what you should know.


No. 1

Whisk together the egg, the yolk or the egg white with a bit of water, cream, buttermilk or whole milk in a small bowl.


No. 2

Pour the mixture through a fine wire mesh strainer. This will separate the air created during the whisking & the chalaza.


No. 3

The result is an egg wash with a smooth consistency that will produce good sheen.

The Tune
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