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How To Deep Fry 

Frying is a cooking method that relies on fat, a moderate heat, a good heavy pot with tall sides, tongs or a perforated skimmer & a thermometer in order to achieve success. This effortless stovetop procedure may be practiced over electric or gas ranges. A variety of oils with high smoking points may be used in order to achieve success including vegetable, corn, canola, safflower & peanut just to name a few. Oils that should be avoided when deep fat frying include olive & coconut as their smoking points are 350 degrees & 375 degrees respectively. Butter has a smoking point of about 250 degrees meaning that when these fats reach that temperature, they begin to breakdown & smoke leaving a burned taste to foods. Even when the right oil is used, it should be noted that although it may be saved & used again for frying, the smoking point will have lowered slightly so keeping a close monitor of foods will be necessary. Deep fat frying is one of the most simple cooking methods however organization will be the key to success. Learn how to set up a frying station & get ready to make some of your favorite main dishes, sides & appetizers that are ideal to serve for upcoming fall gatherings. 

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How To Deep Fry

Deep fat frying is a wonderful cooking method that may be used to prepare catfish, chicken or potato chips. Beignets & fried pies are just a few sweet options that utilize the technique. It’s always best practices to be organized when frying. Setting up a station that moves uncooked food in one direction is critical. From choosing the proper pot to general frying logistics, follow these pointers to get it right.


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A Dutch oven is the most straightforward & readily available piece of equipment that can be used to fry a variety of foods. It offers depth for deep frying items as well as surface area so foods can float about during the cooking process. Due to the roominess, foods can be turned easily & the oil temperature maintained accurately. Fill with oil to a depth of 2-inches or no higher than halfway up the sides of the pot.

You’ll need two different types of thermometers to get it right. Frying items at the proper temperature is important in order to keep foods from absorbing excess grease. Attach a candy thermometer to the side of Dutch ovens to be certain the oil temperature remains constant. Use a digital thermometer to check hot wings & fried chicken in particular to be certain they are registering the proper temperature before removing them from the grease. 

 Set up a dredging station on your countertop or organize the food on half sheet pans on a small table if cooking outdoors. Line up the items in the order in which they will be used. Start to one side of the hot grease with the final item being a wire rack covered in paper towels to drain the hot food. Have several pairs of tongs to use for different tasks. Use one pair to dredge raw foods & slip items into the hot oil. Use another pair of tongs to turn pieces while cooking or remove them from the grease. A perforated skimmer is a great tool for retrieving the food from the grease, too. 

You want items to float when added to the oil & not sink to the bottom of the pot. Attach a thermometer to the side of the Dutch oven & bring the oil up to the specified temperature. When foods are added to the oil, expect the temperature to drop slightly while they cook. You can adjust the stove eye a little if necessary. Once the food is golden brown or a digital thermometer registers the correct temperature for various foods, remove with a perforated skimmer & place over the paper towels to drain. Keep the food warm in a 200 degree oven until ready to serve, if desired, while cooking the remaining items. Before dropping a new batch of food, be certain the oil comes back up to the proper temperature.

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