The Basics: How To Brine

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The Technique 

How To Brine 

Brining is technique that may be used to impart moisture & flavor into beef, pork, fish, chicken & turkey. It may be classified as either wet or dry. The most basic wet brining formulas begin with a combination of salt to water, however fruit juices & other liquids may be substituted. Seasonings may be added to create a particular taste profile. The process requires that the meat or poultry is completely submerged in the solution for a specified amount of time in which the salt works to break down the proteins for a more tender texture. It also acts to retain moisture for a juicier bite. Learn how to brine a variety of meat cuts in your very own kitchen.

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How To Brine

Brining is a procedure used for small & large meat & poultry cuts. Fried chicken & the Thanksgiving bird are just a few of the ideal candidates for this technique. The most basic wet brining formulas require a ratio of 1/4 cup salt to 1 quart of water or liquid. The brining ingredients will need to be heated so that the salt dissolves. Often times, spices & seasonings are added during this process. Once the solution has been made, throughly chill it before using with raw meat or poultry.


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The general rule of thumb is to allot at least 1 hour of time per pound of meat however you can brine longer. When brining, it’s important that the meat is completely submerged so weighing it down in the solution is often times necessary. A plastic container filled with water topped with a tight fitting lid or a dinner plate will usually do the trick. Once the meat has been submerged, cover the larger container with a lid as well & refrigerate. Follow specific recipe instructions as to the length of time needed. Once the meat has been removed from the solution, discard it.

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