The Basics: How To Braise

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The Technique

How To Braise

Braising is a cooking method ideal to use during the winter months in particular. It relies on a combination of techniques the first of which is a dry heat then a wet. Meats may be seasoned either with or without flour, seared in a hot skillet on the stove top then cooked covered in a bit of liquid at a lower temperature & for a fair amount of time. Some methods call to cook the meat alone or hearty root vegetables can be added for an instant meal once the cooking is complete. Braising is often times prepared in traditional ovens by way of pans, crocks, cast iron Dutch ovens & the like, however it is a technique ideal for slow cookers as well. As the meat cooks, usually with cuts such as beef chuck roast that are marbled in fat, a rich liquid accumulates throughout that combines seasonings & aromatics. The meat may be removed from the pan or vessel it cooked in & the drippings captured so a quick gravy may be made. Learn the basic procedure for getting a braise underway in your very own kitchen.

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How To Prepare To Braise

Meat cuts such as a beef chuck roast are an ideal candidate for this type of cooking method. A few simple preparation tasks must be accomplished ahead of time, however the small amount of effort is well worth your time once the cooking is complete. Braising is a great method to use if you’ll be hanging around your house for a spell. Once it is in the oven or the slow cooker, other tasks may be completed since the procedure is hands-off at this point.

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Once the beef cut has been trimmed using a sharpened knife, it will be ready for seasoning. Coat both sides of the meat with salt, pepper & other spices, if using. Heat a bit of oil in a skillet over Medium, then sear the meat on each side. Transfer it to a roasting pan & arrange the vegetables around the meat. Pour the pan drippings that accumulated during the searing procedure & any additional liquids the recipe includes such as beef stock or red wine into the pan. Cover tightly with heavy duty aluminum foil & create 2 {1-inch} vents in it using a paring knife. Braise according to specific recipe instruction at a low temperature. 

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