The Basics: How To Bake

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Cooking Essentials

The Technique

How To Bake

Baking is a dry heat heat cooking method that takes place in an enclosed space, usually an oven, although the same conditions may be replicated using a gas grill. Hot heat moves all around the food whereas the exterior or surface sets first, then throughout the allotted time according to specific recipes, the interior becomes done. The process most often refers to classic baked goods categories such as cakes, muffins, tea bread, cookies, bread, pastry & pies, however savory dishes such as Sweet Potato Casserole, Classic Squash Casserole & Classic Potato Gratin all utilize a partial baking procedure in the method that not only acts to heat them thoroughly but to set foods, particularly when eggs are used to bind items. Baking procedures for these types of recipes are most often times found as the last part of a procedure. It should be noted that baking formulas as they pertain to classic baked goods, fall under each of their respective categories & should be followed closely in order to replicate the desired texture, appearance, flavor & browning expectations. Learn how to prepare pans for traditional baked goods in your very own kitchen.

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How To Bake

Preparing pans for the baking procedure is more than likely the most important step necessary to ensure items release beautifully. A few key points should be considered in order to choose the best method & products to use for this very important task. Fats ranging from oil, butter & vegetable shortening when used alone or in combination with flour, parchment paper & sometimes granulated sugar aide well for the process. 

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Depending upon the type of pan being used to prepare classic baked goods, it should be greased properly so items release easily from them once baked. Generally, most batters for muffins & cupcakes will benefit from paper liners or a generous coating of cooking spray. When it comes to cakes, greasing pans with vegetable shortening, then dusting them with flour is all that is needed for Buttermilk Pound Cake & Bourbon-Pecan Chocolate Pound Cake unless batters are prone to be a bit more sticky or if cutting shapes such as in the case with petit fours is needed. The additional step of adding a piece of parchment paper to the bottom of them then lightly greasing it will indeed ensure the baked good will release easily. Brownies & bars generally require just a light coating of cooking spray. Let individual recipes guide you.

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