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Honey is a viscous, natural sweetener made from plants by insects & bees such as the Western Honey BeeThe Western Honey Bee may be identified by soft gold & black bands around the body with a fuzzy thorax & head which build perennial nests from wax that is in turn used to store the honey that is produced by the vast colonies whom return to swarm in the same location year after year. Within each hive, honeybees are classified as either a worker, drone or the queen. The honeybee alone sustains many industries ranging from candle making & lip balm to the honey produced for food consumption. There are numerous types of honey available & when one particular style is featured, it is most likely due to the art of beekeeping. The honey is then classified according to the source from which the nectar originated & each has a truly distinctive taste. Tupelo, wildflower, orange blossom, buckwheat & clover are just a few of the vast kinds of honey available to consumers.

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How To Store, Use & Measure Honey

Honey has long been a good, natural way to sweeten foods. A little added to salad dressings, cakes, side dishes & sauces offer a distinctive flavor. One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories & 17 grams of sugar which includes maltose, sucrose, fructose & glucose. Although some say honey could be shelf stable for decades since it’s an all natural food product, experts recommend to use it within a year or two. Store honey in a container with a tight fitting lid & place it in the pantry away from direct sunlight. 

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Measuring honey for recipe applications can be sticky business. Use a liquid measuring cup to capture large amounts or a set of standard teaspoons. Coat the interior of the items with cooking spray, then use a rubber spatula to release every bit into mixing bowls.

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