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Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Blooming gardens have long been a good place to spot a variety of butterflies. The Gulf Fritillary Butterfly may be identified by two distinctive characteristics as often times, at first glance, one may mistake it as a Monarch. This insect boasts a bright orange appearance on the upper wingspan with a series of black dots & shading. However, on the lower portion of the wings which may be seen when the butterfly is perched, it’s quite a different look. The undersides of the hindwings are sprinkled with silver-white spots over a khaki base color. A few white markings outlined in black may be found close to the top over what appears to be brushstrokes of a lighter orange hue. The Gulf Fritillary Butterfly is a common insect that may be spotted in late summer & early fall. 

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How To Attract Butterflies Into The Garden

From spring to fall, it isn’t uncommon to see a flutter of activity near gardens filled with nectar producing flowers. Gulf Fritillary Butterflies may be identifiable more so when their wings are closed as it shows the silvery-white almost iridescent looking spots that truly give this insect its distinctive look. Natural predators during the caterpillar stage include birds, lizards & sometimes humans.

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When the right type of trees & flowers are available in close proximity, you’re almost guaranteed to see these beautiful butterflies. The larva have a deep red appearance with several black spines that run the length of the caterpillar who feed on the leaves of the Passiflora. They are specifically partial to Passiflora lutea & Passiflora affinis. The flowers of these plants belonging to the Passifloraceae family have a similar tropical look about them which closely resemble Clematis blooms belonging to the Ranunculaceae family. The adult Gulf Fritillary Butterflywith a wingspan that can stretch from 3 to 4-inches, are particularly partial to the nectar from Lantana but also frequent Nanho Blue Buddleia & Nanho Purple Buddleia. They are most widely found in the southern United States as well as parts of Mexico & South America. Gulf Fritillary Butterflies are known to be excellent pollinators & extremely beneficial to garden spaces

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