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Golden Jubilee Tomatoes

Golden Jubilee tomatoes, more scientifically known as Solanum Lycopersicum ‘Jubilee’, are a low acid slicing tomato ideal for use in salads & on sandwiches. These medium beauties weighing approximately 10-ounces range in color from golden yellow to orange & offer firm flesh with a slightly sweet flavor. They pair well with goat cheese, roasted pecans & a variety of garden fresh herbs. It is considered to be an intermediate level perennial plant to grow in gardens however it’s mainly treated as an annual. Golden Jubilee produces yellow flowers with a bloom size of approximately 1-inch & plants should be installed in areas that receive full sun. Water regularly for the best performance. Learn how to know when the fruit is ripe for use in all sorts of seasonal recipes.

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How To Harvest & Use Golden Jubilee Tomatoes

It should be noted that Golden Jubilee tomatoes do attract birds so they may try to enjoy the fruit before you do. However, if you can beat them to it, they are wonderful when sliced & accompanied with cherry tomatoes such as Sweet 100’s & Sunsugar. Finish with a little Basil Vinaigrette to really allow the season to shine.


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Golden Jubilee tomatoes may be eaten fresh from the vine or canned. All of them may not be ripe for picking at precisely the same time. The key is to choose the most golden yellow to deep orange fruit from each cluster. I prefer to use garden shears to snip the vine just above each tomato. Once indoors, remove it then rinse under cool running water. Use a serrated knife to make clean, pretty slices. 

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