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French Rolling Pin

A French rolling pin is a crucial tool for many bakeshop specialties. In order to prepare puff pastry, Danish Pastry Dough or laminated dough, it aides in flattening the butter into a thin, even block so it may then be rolled between the dough. A series of folding & rolling techniques create the rich layers that make yeast-risen Buttermilk Croissants & Pain Au Chocolat or Fresh Blueberry Pinwheel Danish Fresh Lemon-Cream Cheese Danish possible. A French rolling pin also may be used to create an array of summer fruit tarts & classic pies that feature Pâte Brisée, Pâte Sucree & traditional pie crust. These doughs utilize the essential tool by allowing it to be rolled thin, to the proper shape & the correct size. When fit into tart pans & pastry rings, it helps to eliminate excess dough around the edges for a crisp, clean fit. French rolling pins are often crafted from maple, beech or boxwood. These tight-grained hardwoods contribute to their weight in hand & longevity in the kitchen. Always, hand wash these valuable tools to prevent warping & ensure that they last.

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How To Use A French Rolling Pin

A wooden French-style pastry pin makes rolling certain doughs more manageable & gives you the accuracy desired for quality craftsmanship due to it’s design as it lacks handles. The tapered ends are useful in offering quick moves to cold, butter doughs. Once a general shape has been started, the ends can be used to press dough edges into an even thickness quickly.

How To Use Pastry Rings Buttermilk Pate Brisee By Rebecca Gordon Editor In Chief Publisher Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques. How To Make Pate Brisee. Tarts Buttermilk Pate Brisee By Rebecca Gordon Editor In Chief Publisher Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques Pastry Blender By Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques Digital Instructional Magazine. How To Make Pie Dough Cooking Baking Tutorials Modern Southern Socials Game Day Entertaining RebeccaGordon Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality Birmingham Alabama

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  In order to craft beautiful pies & tarts, roll Pâte Brisée & other doughs into a circle on a lightly floured surface. Use the tapered ends to create an even thickness so it bakes consistently. Next, place the pastry over a lightly greased ring or tart pan, then fit it into the bottom & sides. Press the dough so there is a snug even fit. Flare the excess dough outwards from the top of the ring or tart pan, then roll the French pastry pin over the mold. Remove the extra portion & save for another use.

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