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Fiery Skipper Butterfly

The Fiery Skipper Butterfly is a small insect often times mistaken as a moth due to their large eyes & furry body. However, genetic studies have further confirmed that they do indeed fall into the Superfamily Papilionoidea alongside more popular varieties such as the Tiger Swallowtails & Monarch butterflies. Fiery Skipper Butterflies encompass their own unique set of characteristics that may be identified most notably by the way in which their wings rest when perched. The hindwings fold flat while the forewings are upright. They are able to dart about from flower to flower rather quickly with more of a bounce to their flight compared to other butterflies. Fiery Skipper Butterflies, measuring approximately 1-inch long with coloration ranging from mainly yellow, orange or brown with black or brown spots depending on gender, are more specifically members of the Hesperiidae family & prevalent in the southern United States, Mexico, the Caribbean & South America.

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How To Attract Butterflies Into The Garden

From spring to fall, it isn’t uncommon to see a flutter of activity near gardens filled with nectar producing flowers. Fiery Skipper Butterflies are most identifiable by their three dimensional set of wings & antennae with a slight curve that’s capped off with almost a finial of sorts. Natural predators during the caterpillar stage include birds & sometimes humans.

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When the right type of trees, flowers & grasses are available in close proximity, you’re almost guaranteed to see all sorts of wonderful butterflies. Grasses such as St. Augustine & Bermuda as well as a variety of leaves are the ideal host for the caterpillars which have a nobby little black head & a pale greenish-grey body with black markings that run down the back. The caterpillars are known to roll themselves horizontally in the leaves to cocoon in lawns & are able to survive as they lie below the blades of lawn mowers. To some, they may be considered a nuisance however, Fiery Skipper Butterflies are good pollinators for healthy gardens. As adult butterflies, these insects are partial to relying on food sources from asters, milkweed, ironweed, knapweed & Lantana

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  1. John P September 16, 2020 at 7:14 am #

    I didn’t realize that butterflies were attracted to grasses too. Interesting.