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The modern southern garden should have a variety of lush green plants scattered about. Creeping Jenny which may also be referred to it’s scientific name, Lysimachia nummularia, or more commonly as moneywort & twopenny grass, is a fast growing specimen that may be used in a variety of ways in the garden. This perennial plant known for it’s glossy, chartreuse leaves averages a height of less than 6-inches making it an excellent choice to use at the very front of borders. Creeping Jenny is also incredibly hardy & resilient which is why many install it in-between stones to soften pathways in the garden. It fills in spaces beautifully throughout low-light shade beds however it also may be used to tumble down the sides of containers pairing well with other traditional sun-loving blooms. Creepy Jenny can be invasive so be certain to keep a check on it. Thin areas from time to time & as you remove it, just know it may be planted in other areas of your yard for a cohesive look. As long as roots are attached to the foliage, it may be transferred & will begin thriving in it’s new location in as soon as a week.

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How To Create Beautiful Arrangements With Creeping Jenny 

Lovely flower arrangements should change with the seasons so begin by choosing items currently in bloom. Savvy southerners know to have distinctive, indigenous garden varieties planted around their outdoor space that can be used for a number of occasions. These arrangements are designed to be effortless & fast to prepare since entertaining involves many fine details as the event draws closer. Creeping Jenny is a versatile sun-loving plant that adds lovely color & texture to simple arrangements perfect for entertaining.


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Once you are familiar with several plant varieties, making your own flower arrangements can be fun & fulfilling. If you don’t have these garden staples growing in your green space, select & plant one now from a local nursery to use in a number of lovely ways. Snip & gather Creeping Jenny to accompany with a variety of sun-loving flowers including nanho blue buddleiashasta daisies, narrow-leaf zinnias & salvias for a sweet summer look. Once established in the garden, consider transferring some of the plant to empty garden pots & for use to trail down hanging baskets & window boxes to fill spaces without the need for an additional trip to the nursery.

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