The Basics: Mirepoix

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The Technique 


Mirepoix is a combination of diced aromatic vegetables designed to flavor a wide variety of dishes. Onions, celery & carrots make up the collection that are cooked in a bit of oil or butter. This basic set of ingredients may be found in recipes ranging from soups & sauces to braised items. Most often, the general ratio is comprised of two parts onion to one part celery & carrots. Learn how to prepare these simple aromatic vegetables for a variety of cooking applications designed to bring out complex taste notes in some of your very favorite dishes. 

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How To Prep A Mirepoix 

Many classic recipes use a combination of aromatic vegetables referred to as a mirepoix to season dishes such as Fresh Herb Lentil Soup. The key take away, once the vegetables have been selected, is to make certain they are diced to a similar size for even cooking. This will also ensure a pleasing look & texture to the final dish. 


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The Technique

Slice away the root & top portion of onions, cut them in half, place the flat side on the cutting board & make cuts lengthwise & crosswise to dice them. Celery may be trimmed, cut in half then sliced lengthwise once or twice to create a good size once cut horizontally. Trim away the stems & leaves from carrots, then cut off the ends. Working with one carrot at a time, place it over a cutting board at a 45 degree angle. Run a vegetable peeler down the side & give it a slight turn. Run the peeler down the side again. Repeat the process until the entire outer surface of the carrot has been scraped. Next, slice the carrot lengthwise in half then crosswise. Place the flat side down on the cutting board & dice the pieces. The portion closest to the leafy end may be cut an additional time lengthwise to ensure an even size. Use a mirepoix as directed in specific recipe applications.

The Tune
“East Of The Sun” Billie Holiday 

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