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The Technique


 Masa is a general term that may be used to describe a number of basic doughs made from masa harina, a finely textured corn flour that has been treated with calcium hydroxide. Some of the most simple formulas are made with just a bit of water. Masa may be shaped & cooked using several different methods such as steaming, pan-frying, baking, deep fat frying or by using a comal or a griddle. It is the key component to many authentic Mexican specialties that may be used to prepare everything from gorditas & tamales to corn tortillas. These basic applications open up to a wide range of more complex dishes such as tostadas, enchiladas, taquitos & tacos just to name a few. Several tools & pieces of equipment will be necessary in order to complete some tasks successfully. Take stock now, make an order, if necessary, so preparing these dishes is easy.

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How To Make Masa

Masa is made first & foremost with masa harina. Various amounts of liquid will produce the right consistency for many traditional recipes. Depending on the application for which it will be used some have salt, leavening & other readily available ingredients to give them their distinctive taste & texture.


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Once the masa has been prepared, there are many ways in which the dough may be handled, shaped, filled or pressed. In some cases, additional tools & equipment may be necessary in order to achieve the proper thickness or consistency & I have also streamlined a few tasks in the tutorials to come to include a more modern approach to these tried & true classics. A tortilla press is a valuable kitchen item that is used to make corn & flour tortillas as well as many other items. A quick internet search reveals many types & resources that are available. A more familiar tool that you probably already have in your kitchen, a standard cookie scoop, makes portioning masa & fillings a breeze. Drop by daily as we explore these notions, techniques & recipes.  

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