The Essential Guide To Ceramic & Porcelain Dishes

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The Essential Guide To Ceramic & Porcelain Dishes 

Elevating casual social functions such as birthday celebrations or parties need not be complicated. Just a few simple elements may be integrated into tablescapes to offer easy style. White ceramic & porcelain dishes offer a clean shape & should be a staple in every entertaining collection plus make good use for everyday tasks. Ceramic & porcelain dishes are an opportunity to showcase many classic recipes come meal time as they may be served directly from them. They hold specific characteristics that aide in making sure items perform well & look a bit better better than the standard glass pyrex baking dish. When using these vessels as opposed to others such as stainless steel pans, some cooking techniques should be avoided to ensure safety. It’s important to first understand the difference between general ceramics & porcelain, then pick up a variety of shapes such as ovals, squares & rectangles as well as sizes to use for desserts, entrees & side dish applications. These valuable pieces may be showcased for casual or elevated gatherings all throughout the year. 

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What To Bake In Ceramic & Porcelain Dishes

Having the correct equipment is the first step to make certain success is achieved when preparing your favorite recipes. It’s also important to know what types of dishes should go into these various vessels as many are designed for very specific tasks.


rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickThe Essential Guide To Ceramic & Porcelain Dishes

One of the main differences in appearance when trying to determine if a dish is ceramic or porcelain is the mirror-like surface on the latter. It should also indicate that it is indeed porcelain on the bottom of the vessel. Price point will also be an indictor as porcelain retails just a bit higher due to the specific ingredients & methods necessary in order to craft them. Always follow the recommended baking temperature highs on the bottom of each piece & never under any circumstance place a ceramic or porcelain dish under the broiler element. Although many would suggest otherwise, small fractures in the dishes can cause safety issues. Use heavy-duty, stainless steel restaurant quality pans if broiling an item such as cheese on the top of a casserole is desired.

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General Ceramic Bakeware

Ceramic bakeware is made from clay that has been kiln dried. It is not quite as durable as porcelain as the pieces are fired at lower temperatures comparatively therefore it will chip more easily than porcelain. However, ceramic bakeware is a hardworking piece of equipment that should be in every kitchen as it can go from the oven to the table beautifully. Look to ceramic bakeware when dishes such as Old-Fashioned Cornbread Dressing, Browned Butter Beef Oven Rice, Sweet Potato Casserole, The New Macaroni & Cheese, Four Cheese Manicotti & Classic Beef Enchiladas are in order. The key point to know when both general ceramics & porcelain is concerned is that most cracking & shattering happens when the dish is transferred too quickly between temperature extremes.

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Porcelain Bakeware

Porcelain dishes are more durable than everyday ceramics. Porcelain is also made from kiln dried clay, but more specifically kaolin mixed with white porcelain stone, therefore it must be fired at higher temperatures making the pieces more durable & able to withstand higher baking temperatures. This in turn develops a hard as glass & clear surface over them. Consider porcelain dishware when preparing crisps & cobblers or gratins. Gratins may range in oven temperature anywhere from 350 to 500 degrees so it’s always best to check the bottom of the dish for the recommended highs for each piece before using. Although there are good options as far as large dishes are concerned, many ramekins & small gratin dishes can withstand the heat, too. There again, always check the bottom to be certain of the type you have for use.

Safety Disclaimer

Leave the French onion soup & crusty topped mac & cheese to the professionals. Porcelain dishware is often found in many restaurants since it can withstand heavy use & high temperatures – they may even run them directly under broilers & salamanders before sending foods to your table. I do not recommend these procedures for the home cook as there may be a question as to whether your dishes are general ceramics or porcelain since sometimes they are not labeled as such on the bottom, particularly when purchased from home goods outlets. 

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