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Blue Cheese

Blue cheese may be purchased in wheels, wedges, crumbled & ready to serve. Some varieties are quite firm whilst others have a much softer texture. In general, blue cheese is made by adding a culture to pasteurized cow’s milk which transforms lactose into lactic acid thus solidifying the mixture. Rennet is then introduced which aides in forming a more dense structure. Next, the curds are cut so that the whey releases, salt is added then it’s packed into wheels. It is the introduction of the mold penicillium that creates the signature veins, coloration & distinctive taste once allowed to age, typically a time from between 2 to 3 months. Slight variations of the basic procedure may be modified by using goat or sheeps milk or injecting the concoction with spores which can alter the vein appearance to read either blue or green. Learn how to use & store blue cheese.

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How To Use & Store Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a pungent choice that is perfect for use in Buttermilk-Blue Cheese Dressing, salads, appetizers, dipssnacks & more. The flavor compliments a variety of steaks & fruit beautifully as well as vegetable combinations such as carrots, lettuces & cucumber. Nutritionally, blue cheese is a good source of calcium & has approximately 30 calories per tablespoon so you may add just a small amount over side dishes or entrees for instant flavor without the guilt.


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Blue cheese has a general shelf life of 30 days once opened. Any unused portion of cheese should be stored in the original packaging, then covered well. Crumbled blue cheese may be left in the container however, if it’s wrapped in plastic, place it in a small zip-top bag, press all of the air from it & seal. Store the cheese in a cold portion of the refrigerator, generally a drawer that isn’t opened frequently is the best place for it. 

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