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Beef Chuck Shoulder Steak

 Winter is a good time to explore the many beef cuts available. When deciding what to choose, terms such as chuck, flank, shank, loin & sirloin may be difficult to decipher so it’s important to understand the region from which they originated from so the correct cooking methods may be applied in order to deliver optimum flavor & texture. Beef chuck shoulder steaks are an economical cut taken from the shoulder region of the cow. They are well known to have a distinctive beef flavor & consistent marbling throughout. When the beef is not thinly sliced into steaks, it’s a great cut to use for braising & marinating the larger roasts ahead of time not only imparts delicious flavor but aides in tenderizing the beef, too. Learn how to cook beef chuck shoulder steaks a number of ways that are perfect for dinner solutions anytime.

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How To Prepare Beef Chuck Shoulder Steak 

Beef chuck shoulder steaks are an economical cut perfect for many recipe applications. The key is to choose cooking methods that will have it ready quickly. When searing is desired, a high temperature will yield a tender bite in just a minute or so therefore it is wonderful for stir frying. Pan frying is another great option for cooking beef chuck shoulder steaks, too.


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When pan frying, just a small amount of oil is necessary to yield crisp & flavorful beef chuck shoulder steaks that may be used for main dishes or classic Mexican tortas. Dredging them in a bit of flour first not only allows other ingredients to adhere which in turn creates the crunchy exterior but it offers a carrier for spices. These spices stick to the beef better & all around the entire surface. 

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